My personality type is INTJ or “Rational-Mastermind” according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter — one of many tests and examinations I have taken over the years to determine my INTJ status.

There are less than 1% of others in the world with the INTJ personality type.
That means I am often misunderstood or negatively judged by those who are frustrated by their inability to bend me to their unreasonable orders.

No matter where I am or what I am doing I am always alone but never lonely.
It was a great relief to discover my “Rational-Mastermind” diagnosis because it brings years of experience into a new and satisfying light.


    1. I had always known I was different from many other teenagers, personality wise. Yesterday I decided to take an in-depth personality test to see if there was anything I didn’t know about. Sure enough, there was. I now know I’m a Rational Mastermind, and the reason I always seem so different is obvious: there are few others out there with my exact personality. I didn’t know that my specific personality type was just about the rarest kind out there. Now I have peace with myself.

  1. We are rare, but we have a special mission. Knowing ourself give us peace. We are normal, only that we have a rare mission. Going out of the box is good for our lives, but it is a difficult task to accoplish. Be yourself and be happy!

  2. Completely agree. I often feel misunderstood because I also refuse to bend to the will of others.

  3. I just discovered that I am among the INTJ Rational-Masterminds. So, I’m waving “Hi” and smiling with this new knowledge. I always thought I was somehow in a minority but never could quite nail it down until I took the Jung Personality Test. I think I’ll have a beer and ponder its meaning now…!
    Tom in Tennessee

  4. Hi all. I am a rational mastermind as well it would seem. It is kind of nice to know, because I was wondering why I seem think differently than everyone else about things. Nice to see a group that actually is like me.

  5. I only recenty discovered I am an INTJ. A few months ago an acquainance of mine said something about me being a Type A personality (I really wasn’t paying that much attention to what she was saying). I knew a little about Type A, enough to know I wasn’t one. She did plant an idea in my head though, and I had to find out.I finally went to Google and did a search. I found the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and took the test. Like many of us, I was at first very suprised to see the results. I was a Rational-Mastermind, the very name Mastermind had an ominous meaning; however the more I read about the INTJ, the more I realized how right on target it was. Memories of things that happened long before, and I had not thought of in years came back, and how I responded to them all pointed to INTJ behavior. I was had a toy robot, I was fascinated by it and ended up tearing it apart, just to see how it worked. And many other experiences through the years, many just like others here have discribed. It is very eery, but also satisifying to know.

  6. I am so pleased to find fellow Rational Masterminds out there in cyberspace. It’s such a relief embracing why I’ve always thought/reacted differently all my life (from pulling apart electronics as a 6 yr. old to figure them out – and putting them back together, to researching ways/means of creating more efficiency at work). It’s been a struggle feeling like I’m always on a “mission”…

  7. Hi,
    Well, I’m yet another INTJ-Rational-Masterminder…it’s good to know that i’m not the only one being frequently perceived as ‘stand-offish’…Nice to see others who ‘share’ somewhat similar thinking style as mine…

  8. I think it’s “funny” that I practically always feel the way that I approach things, think through things, and express ideas / feelings is so often misunderstood and unique…but then here are about 20 posts that sound exactly how I would say something. Thanks all…

  9. It’s almost scary how accurate all the tests have been and how the profile of “INTJ Rational-Masterminds” characterise me.

  10. Imagine, I’m a 56 year old female INTJ. I tryed with my heart and soul to fit into a traditional lifestyle but spent most of my life frustrated. I’m a second generation Italian-American and the family tribe tried with no avail to get me to conform. I was married to an INTP for 35 years. After my children (INFJ and ENTJ) married, we parted our separate ways. The “P” and “J” are lethal. Too much competition. He was so insecure and I was so independent. I think of myself as a Renaissance woman and I’m happy about it. There is nothing as great as pure freedom of spirit.
    “You must do everything that frightens you, everything. I’m not talking about risking your life but everything else. Think about fear. Decide right now how you’re going to deal with fear, because fear is going to be the great issue of your life, I promise you. Fear will be the fuel for all your success, and the root cause of all your failures, and the underlying dilemma in every story you tell yourself about yourself. And the only chance you’ll have against fear? Follow it. Steer by it. Don’t think of it as a villain. Think of fear as your guide, your pathfinder.”
    Quoted from the book, “The Tender Bar: A Memoir by J.R. Moehringer

  11. Hi everyone! I am INTJ also; as-is my dad. I have a friend at work who is also INTJ. I am 28 and have been in my career for a few years and I continue to struggle with other personalities when it comes to how something should be done. Other people really seem to think that I am being defensive and that I think everything should be done my way, when honestly I believe I am trying to find the best way to do it- and I have thought about the reasons for it and want to explore why other people want it done a different way.
    Have other people found a good way to deal with this? I am realizing I need to “pick my battles” when it comes to disagreeing (or even questioning, which people take as disagreeing) and not worry about the small stuff. But if any other INTJs have wisdom I’d love to hear it. By the way I do computer/research work.

    1. I’m an INTJ and this is typically the case with me. I want the most efficient, quickest way to do something. People perceive me as being robotic and precise but kind of distant. However, I’ve learned to cope better with others and smile when I want to make a good impression. An INTJ can literally accomplish anything though. They systematically and purposefully come up with schemes and plans of attack to improve something about themselves or accomplish something otherwise. I perceive myself as very ego driven, but I don’t see that as a bad thing at all–just misunderstood. Goethe once said, “Self-mastery is often taken for egoism.” I remember those words.

  12. Thought I’d chime in. Yep, you got it… Yet another Mastermind. 🙂
    Not being understood by the majority of the planet is highly annoying, but at least I know I’m not alone. None of us are.

  13. One of the attributes of an INTJ that really hit home with me was my tremendous interest and capabilities in the planning/problem solving stage but realtive disinterest in the implementation stage(someone else can do that). I love strategizing but not the mundane task of making it work. I assume this is typical.
    On another note, I could care less how the ‘robot’ works, rather, I want to know what it will do.

  14. Jim – maybe it depends on what your position is (in terms of work) as to whether there is more importance put on planning vs. implementation.
    I personally am very interested in implementation because it’s the determinant of whether the plan is adhered to and the goals are met as I’ve planned them.
    I certainly want to be present in the planning stage as well, but it must be implemented “correctly” or else there better be some good reasons why the plan wasn’t adhered to – after all, some serious thought went into the plan and if one thing needs to change, others might need to as well.

  15. Wow. I’ve just taken the Briggs test, and I’m stunned at how accurately “Rational Mastermind” describes me. I completely agree with what all of you have said- the level-headedness, the “distance,” the inflexibility. And the fact that I will probably re-edit this sentence about 10 times before clicking Submit further proves this. LOL.
    It’s nice to state that out in the open and not fear ridicule by those non-INTJers…

  16. Wow! Nice to see that there are others out there like me! Learning that I am an INTJ has helped tremendously, as I am not “crazy”. I thought I was for a long time because no one “got me” & most people tell me I’m “weird”. Now I know I’m “weird” only because I am different from 99% of the population. How cool can that be?! Now, I can approach my life from a position of power as I come to grips with how my mind works & how I can make it work for me. Another puzzle for us INTJ’s to ponder!
    Dave, I have found that choosing my battles helps me maintain my sanity & get along better with others. I have also tried to learn to recognize when someone is open to what I’m saying, & when they are not. Most people/management do not want to hear that the system is broken, they take it personally. If I have the opportunity to “just do it” & hand over the results, I do, if not, I sit back & watch & listen. Sometimes, doing nothing, although difficult, is all you can do.

  17. Hi, an INTJ from Turkey. Nice to see some other INTJs, as I have never met another yet 🙂 My general feeling about life is that I always have dozens of things to do and to care about. I think about 10 possibilities spanning from some other 15 possibilities if a specific action is taken, and it is like playing chess all your life. Tiring indeed.
    I believe that one of the major problems of INTJs is that they love to take initiative and make decisions (which are right 99% of time), but this is perceived as being arrogant. Not. We are just trying to get things done, as quick as possible.

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to post a couple thoughts. I drift into my INTJ side for some pretty intuitively effective focus, direction, and planning capability, but then I am not fun to be around. My mirror ENTP effectively makes the plans take shape and does it in a more socially acceptable way. 🙂
    I am wondering if anyone else has similar experiences.

  19. Hi,
    At first I would like to thanks to Mr. Boles and all friends who post their comments and other INTJs interested to this site. I’m writing to express my eagerness of being a member of this group. Now let me introduce myself. I’m Aryes Lahiry, 30 years of age from India (Calcutta), taken MBTI test one week ago and get informed that I’m an INTJ. My strength of preferences is: Introversion 33%, iNtuition 12%, Thinking 1%, and Judging 44%. It’s a great relief to me to go through the responses posted in this site and know other information about INTJ behavior. Before taking this test I knew nothing about the personality type and as well as myself. Always I observed I’m totally different from other fellows beside me in doing and thinking anything. Most of the people want readymade and quick solution of a problem. Though all of those are quite unstable. But I take any problem as a project and to solve that I do study ins and outs of that problem and finally come to a decision. Obviously those are far more stable. My fellows however get benefit from me all time to solve a problem or perform a task but they can’t understand how it’s happened. They always thank to their lucks for the solution. My success rate to solve a problem, be it any social, family related or official is excellent if it’s neutrally analyzed but my recognition or acceptance rate to other fellows is just nil. I’m habituated in this framework. This framework makes me very frustrated and forces me to think myself as a worthless, a good for nothing. But reading all the responses posted here I can know it’s quite natural for any INTJ. All responses reflect to some extent same to me. I’ll not tell that I’ve got over my depression in the last week but I must tell all the INTJ related matters strongly help me to overcome it. Again and again I read these responses. So again thank you to my all new friends. And Mr. Boles? Have I got my home here? And special thanks to Ms. Lois for sharing your relational problem. It makes you friends laugh! No relationship of mine lasted more than two months only for being logical, well organized, and tending all works highly scientifically. All my girlfriends complain that I’m hard hearted. So I do echo Ms. Lois’s word “There is nothing as great as pure freedom of spirit.”
    Okay. That’s all for today friends.

  20. LOL, Aryes, it does feel a bit like a home @ this site. I can so totally relate to your comments re how the people you are invovled with say that you’re “hard hearted”. My family/friends also call me first if there is a problem, but give me zero credit when I handle it. I’ve come to the realization that they are never going to understand where I’m coming from (they can’t, they’re not INTJ’S) & I just have to let it go. I will be me & they can take me or leave me (I guess that’s where the “hard hearted” plays in). That’s why this site is nice, there are people out there who do understand. 🙂

  21. Hi Janice,
    Thank you for posting this. Then I got you as a my like/type-minded.

  22. WOW. Just found out I am INTJ, it was like finding out what your rare medical condition is….after YEARS of not knowing why you are different. I have been judged as cold and hard, arrogant and opinionated for offering up solutions or ideas that weren’t appreciated, my husband has teased me over my relentless planning and analyzing of just about every scenario on the planet, and now I feel like all of that is OK. Now I know I need to watch for signs of acceptance from others or back off, all of which is OK. It feels really weird, tho, to be in such a rare group, I gotta tell ya. I won’t be finding any support groups around our town. 😉
    All I need to do now is find a career that lets me take off with this personality. I am very, very pleased to meet all of you via this site, btw.
    I don’t want to lose the challenges of problem-solving jobs but wondered if teaching could open up the same door: reaching students with the fastest, most fun, most useful education they can receive. If anyone would like to share insights on the teaching thing or job ideas that seem to work for our personalities, please drop a suggestion. Being able to do anything you set your mind to and yet….not wanting to do anything….because of the way we are perceived….can be a terrible feeling of isolation sometimes and brings on that useless feeling described by our friend in India. I am ready to hear ideas and am really pleased that this major source of discomfort in my life is actually just another problem to analyze and solve! 😉

  23. I feel like I should tell everyone here that taking the test helped me find myself and help me to understand that I’m not weird. But I guess each of you has gone through the same revelation. I feel like a thousand pounds has been taken off my shoulders. As for work I am lucky I found a job in software engineering I came about my carrier by analyzing my strengths and deciding a direction based on probability of success. Anyway now that I have read 10 different web sites to try and better understand what INTJ stands for I better go back to work and see if I can help solve world hunger.

  24. Hi All!
    Christi, I had to smile @ your comment re ” watching for signs of acceptance or backing off”. I am also in a town where being different is NOT good. I have made a ‘game’ out of relating to other people. It doesn’t sound very nice, but I’ve found that a quick analysis of a person’s behavior helps me find a way to relate to him/her in a more positive manner. I watch & listen before I engage. In this way, I’m able to be more “socially acceptable”. In my profession, nursing, it’s a must. I tell new acquiantances that I am shy, which is true in a way, & they then feel that they understand me better & attribute my ‘standoffishness’ to shyness as opposed to arrogance. Good luck with finding a new career. You will be successful @ anything you choose, it’s your INTJ. 🙂

  25. Not an INTJ…just researching the Rational Mastermind.
    My Keirsey type is Idealist Champion (ENFP).
    Are INTJ’s typically seen as arogant, prideful, and ready for an argument?

  26. Hi, another INTJ to add to the list! I guess the less than 1% rule means we can find each other on the net 😉 And perhaps understand why personal relationships are so challenging…
    I used to be a software engineer and now am an artist. See other “engineer types” on here, just wondering how many otherson this site compare in terms of their ‘numbers’ and what professions they have found themselves in?
    My numbers:
    Introverted – 67%
    Intuitive – 88%
    Thinking – 25%
    Judging – 11%
    p.s – Kelly, this is a baseless & ignorant question 🙂

  27. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for viewing us being not an INTJ. It’s very pleasing to us if a non-INTJ person wants to know us or just researching the charecteristics of Rational Mastermind. But do you know that ENFP’s natural partner is INTJ? I think you know it and for this you are doing this research. Isn’t it? You can know more about the ENFP’s natural partner in this site: (sorry David, I know the terms and conditions).
    And don’t ask us this question, rather find the answer of that question intimating an INTJ. And I ask you, are you ready for an argument with an INTJ? Please don’t tell “this is a baseless & ignorant question”. Because the wright of this type of answer is reserved only for an INTJ, not you.

  28. It’s quite good to know who you are, but this label has no effect on me in the slightest, because I effective am the same person I always was before I took the test.

  29. Its just nice to know that *ahem* there ARE other people like me out there. I get so frustrated with relationships (ie: work, school, home) because everyone thinks im some cold hearted monster. I just do me , you know?! By the by, my dad always tried to tell me i was an ENTP…shows how much he knows :)~. much love
    -slik nik

  30. I just “discovered” that I’m an INTJ. It’s good to see you all! I’ve been amazed by how accurately the many profiles of INTJ match my experience and self-perception. Actually, it’s been humbling to see the deepest reaches of my mind so matter-of-factly presented on websites. Despite that we are the rarest of the personality types, I often thought that there was NO ONE else like me. I’m sure you all understand that. It’s our rarity that can promote that notion, since – like some of you – I’ve never met anyone like me before. There is some comfort, though, about knowing that there are people out there who can empathize with what I absolutely thought were my own unique challenges – some more important than others. Interpersonally, the most common problem is being misperceived as arrogant – mainly by people who secretly lack confidence in themselves. They resent anyone who feels strongly about their own ideas, not because they (we) are inherently superior, but because we’ve used reason, information, and common sense (intuition) to come to a conclusion. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Well, enough for now. Anyone here is welcome to write me. I think I can relate to all of you, which is not something I’ve been able to say before! I may have lost some uniqueness, but I’ve gained the truth about who I am, and who we are. As we all know, reality really does change every day, every minute.

  31. Hello All,
    I found out several years ago I was an INTJ but never pursued what that meant until recently.
    I just helped get a local sheriff’s candidate elected as one of four core workers. I have walked away feeling the three other core workers and the newly elected sheriff are friends. I, on the other hand, am someone whose help is greatly appreciated but on the outside of the group. It is quite disheartening. I was pleased to find this sight that spoke to how I was feeling about the relatiopnships in my life. I am glad to find people who thinks like I do.

  32. I just discovered that I am INTJ. I took a differently worded test as well to verify the results. Thinking back, I went through everything you fine people dealt with. Being called “weird”, people being jealous of your confidence and hitting you with insults to “bring you down a notch”, people trying to make you “regular” and actually getting angry when you dont conform, etc., etc. I’ll be doing more study. Peace to everyone!

  33. Hello Everyone!
    I just found out I, too am an INTJ!! I am so relieved to know I am a rare personality type! My husband is always telling me that I “step on peoples toes”. I “offend” people. I don’t try to but I get sooo frustrated with them!! It is just easier not to get involved. I am looking at going back to school…Law School…any thoughts on this career choice for INTJ’s? Thanks!

  34. I was rather shocked that I could be so neatly classified and pigeon-holed, but the rareness of our personality type explains why I felt I was completely different from “Normal” people. I have never met another INTj in person.
    Plus I live in one of the most dogmatic social systems in the world: Afrikaans middle class South Africa.

  35. Hello Everyone,
    33/75/12/33….this is me!
    Whew! It has been raining cats and dogs for years outside and now I can finally come in out of the rain. You know I have been taking personality and placement tests for years and no one else that I know has even heard of one, or certainly not interested in being analyzed. Now I know why. They were so different from me. Isn’t a personality test something an INTF would be interested in?
    I have tested before and gotten a similar combination of INTF or ENTF but this time when I got the INTF, it really hit home. I just ended another bad relationship and I guess that one helped me see more clearly and to better define the personality test questions.
    I’ve never fit in anywhere. I do develop at least one unique “killer” friend when I am in most environments but never have a large group of friends. When I do make that one friend, that person is usually the more gregarious of the two of us.
    I’ve been suffering with this thing (INTFism) since kindergarten. I’ve always known it was okay to be different after many pep talks as a kid from my mom and then later on 18 mos. of counseling, but knowing what I know now… out world. This is really the coolest information I have discovered yet.
    You know last summer I went to a Franklin Covey “Focus Workshop” for fun. I love organizing and planning, I can’t get my day going without it.
    Does anyone else love to research? Makes you sound like a dud. This is why in my constant search to find my place in this world, I have decided to follow the path of adult education, me teaching of course. Hopefully, I will make it to the ranks of a college professor, where I will get paid to research and influence the lives of others, one class at a time.
    David, thanks for feeling the need to reach out to a group of sometimes isolated and certainly misunderstood souls.

  36. Hi my name is Sarah, I am a INTJ (mastermind). I thought it was funny to read things about myself in the book. I tend to get a little frustrated with others at work, my patience is really low. I have a plan, and others mistakes always get in the way of me executing my plan. Anyways, I want to go back to school and possibly study math. I was wondering if anybody has helpful information on what type of degrees and work are good for our personality. I am a compulsive planner. The part in the book where it says our family vacations can be just a serious to us planning wise as the invasion of Europe. Things like that are really a big deal to me. bye

  37. I just recently found that I’m an INTJ. I have always wondered why some people didn’t often see from my point of veiw.
    Ach, but anyway, don’t mind me. I’m just another kid who’s having an identity crises and still on his way to self discovery.

  38. Hi, I’m sixteen and just found out yesterday I am one of the rare INTJs. After I took the test and looked at the definition, I was surprised at how correct the chracateristics were. I’ve always had trouble writing argumentitve essays at school, becasue I tend to see both sides of the situation (to my teachers dismay), I am constantly organizing and trying to improve things. Can you believe we make up only 1% of the world’s population? Finally, I know why I am not like the other students at my school. Needless to say, I am extremley happy about this discovery and would like to hear from any of you.

  39. Here is the problem with INTJ websites. We come here because the rest of the world doesn’t “get” us. In order to to receive the support and understanding we need, we have to do what we hate most: giving up our solitude and internal world to reach out, emote and socialize. It’s tricky stuff.

  40. Hi, I found out ten minutes ago I’m a Rational Mastermind and after a bit of googling, to find out what that exactly means, I found this site. It’s a bit of relief really to see there are others with the same experiences as me, always trying to improve things, always pondering how things work and always researching things. Anyways, just thought I’d say hi and thanks for the post.

  41. Hi! I just found out that I am an INTJ, Rational Mastermind, as well. I’ve read a few of the posts here and it really is nice to meet people with the same level of thought as I.
    When I discovered that I was an INTJ, I was bewildered as to how accurate the description matched my feelings and perceptions of the world around me. I have very high self-esteem and believe that nothing is impossible if you really put your mind to it. I’m a 21-yr. old college student and am in the process of starting my own business on the Internet. I have high goals for myself, and I frequently expect everyone else around me to be capable of meeting minimum standards that I sometimes set depending on the situation.
    It was very interesting to learn that other people perceive INTJ’s as egocentric and arrogant, but I agree that it really is just our positive thoughts, goals, and desires that motivate us more than anything to actually attempt what other people can only think of.
    And seeing as how INTJ’s make up between 1-3% of the population (basically we are very rare), it is not surprising that we are often misunderstood, which makes it more of a pleasure to meet everyone here.
    Masterminds forever!

  42. I have felt like a stranger in my own life for so long, after doing test, I understand a little more.
    In publishing, constantly problem solving, can do it as I type a memo, my team thinks I am a machine. The answers always seem so clear, I get frustrated when people stumble over the obvious. I hate being told something adn I know its factually wrong, I will get out of bed and google it rather than rest.
    People ask me what they should do all the time, yet I never feel anyone understands where I am come from adn I can not be bothered telling them mostly.
    Find myself reading books backways,learning a song, trying to work out why .. for example people in Iceland never travel…
    Its a little lonely. Very emotional that people can not see what I see, accidents in work before they happen I come across at times like a harpie, but I have to tell them the right answer not let them live in ignorence.
    Are there angels, can we fly, .. etc, always restless seeking information,,
    I feel like a cross between a Dalek adn a Cyberman.
    Anyway thanks for the chat

  43. Hello all! What a relief it has been to finally define my INTJ personality type. However even more relieving was finding this site and seeing there are others just like me! I have yet to meet another INTJer in person, and really and truly thought I was the only one up until my recent discovery. My feelings of being misunderstood has caused me to be very closed off and incredibly insecure to even let people know the extent to my excessive planning and list making, and hunger for self improvement and achievement. It is my mission in life to figure out what exactly I want, and develop the most efficient and proficient means of getting there. I refuse to spend more time on one thing than I have to, and HATE when I ask a simple question and get a long drawn out answer. I just find it hard to comprehend that other people can’t eliminate the fluff and get to the friggin point! Needless to say, my patience is low! Wow I could go on and on about what I had previously deemed as my unique characteristics, but not surprisingly I have alloted myself a certain amount of time to write this and will now be spending the next hour researching career options, followed by an hour of financial planning. Feels good to say that and not feel like everyone is rolling their eyes. LOL. Oh and if anyone has any suggestions for our personality type, please please send them my way!!! I am a 24 year female currently working as an insurance broker and it’s just not doing it for me. I need more! Pfft story of my life, and finding it seems to be the mission of my life. The bulk of my idle time seems to be spent researching. Like I dont even have nor want a man in my life just so I can devote all my time to …me! But I am open minded should they meet my long listed criteria, and be an aid to help me meet my goals. Ok, sorry for the semi vent sesh people. I just finally feel like I can breath knowing there are others like me out there. Bye for now my fellow INTJers 🙂

  44. First I would like to say that after taking the Myer-Briggs test during a college course, I didnt really think much of my results(INTJ). The only reason that I found myself on this site, was that I recently began feeling very alone and decided that I needed to find out why I acted the way that I did towards people and situations. Now my quest for knowledge actually branched from the topic of anxiety dissorders and a friendly opinion I had recieved based on my unwillingness to use public restrooms. I also found myself making plans for resculpting social situations for eight hours strait while I flipped burgers at my pathetic job until I acutally fealt so flustered I needed a nap after work (long sentence). I always think and rethink situations and reactions based ones personality and my path to success on changing the minds of those invlolved in the matter. I have always been like this and its time that people recognize my personality for what it is. I am very happy to see that there are others who act just like I do. For an example, like many of you, I grew up taking things apart and putting them back together. Generally I only had a few close friends through the years, and I also tended to dwell on situations that didnt go “according to plan”. In addition, i am directly on the boarder of being an (INTP) and could better explain the fact that am very theory based and rediculously stubbord when it comes to excepting that things are the way they are, “just because”. Socially, I have always seemed to be accepted, yet for some reason I cannot seem to give up on the thought of friends or familiar faces knowing the consiquences for their actions well before they woild ever occur. This same behavior has recently caused me to become either unforgiving, or think much lower of those around me, ultimately causing me to withdraw myself from much of the world completely. I know in my heart that I just need to learn to let go of these ideas, yet its seemingly impossible. Do any of you know how im feeling, or have experienced anything like this within their lifetime? If so I would love to hear examples of how you learned to let go and retrain your thought proccess in this specific type of situation.

  45. I took the Myers-Briggs a couple of years ago and find myself returning to the results from time to time as my work or personal life scenarios change. I definitely didn’t realize until later in life that I had a gift for strategy, I just thought I was a gifted contingency planner and problem solver. 🙂 There are times that people I work with don’t get where I am coming from, but after years of integrating I’ve learned to balance how to give people feedback while nudging them in the right direction. Only a couple of times have I run across someone who directly accuses me of being unfeeling – and those were both in the work environment where they had a lot of personal challenges going on that were getting in the way of them focusing on their work. My husband does complain from time to time that I don’t tell a lot of stories from the past – but as mentioned above I just don’t find the need to dwell unless it’s to provide some context. I’m always moving forward – I love history for the stories and I use it to understand what people were thinking at those times, and how they solved problems. Thank you to all for sharing your thoughts – the world needs people like us!

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