Elon Musk and the Mechanical Mask

In a recent interview, SuperGenius Elon Musk warned the future is coming for us, and we better be prepared to fight A.I. drones, and we will become the machine, and we will be able to “download” other people, and their personalities, and their memories, to become them. Our faces become the death mask upon the artificial life façade. Want to become Abraham Lincoln? Check. Adolf Hitler? Check. Elon Musk? You’re gonna have to write a check!

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When Mean Girls Cry

Meet Britney.  She’s a Mean Girl.  This Mean Girl currently lives in the Big Brother 12 house.  She’s crying because the house doesn’t like her Mean Girl ways and the other houseguests nominated her for eviction along with her best friend, Monet, The Only Other Mean Girl on the show.

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The Revenge Bloggers

You’ve read their blogs.  You’ve felt their heat.  You know their terroristic hatred.  I’m talking about — The Revenge Bloggers — and I’m hoping today we can try to deaden their cold, and narrow, icepick impact in the public square by asking them to retire their poison fingers.

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Do We Need Obsessive People?

Do we need obsessive people?  Or is being caught up in any sort of obsession a bad thing?

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Mandatory Writing Test for All Politicians

I am convinced all candidates for public office should be given a timed, public, writing test so we can witness in live time the real logic of their mental process and reasoning.

Do we appreciate their arguments and rationale?

A writing test confirms or disproves if the candidate is true, educated, and appropriately emotionally expressive.

A writing test gives us the best educated insight into the confirmed person beyond the fluff and the handlers and those who “shape the message.”

You cannot hide from your words or the consequences of your thoughts.

Mark of the INTJ Rational-Mastermind

My temperament type is INTJ or Rational-Mastermind and I’ve known that over many tests over the arc of my life and here is a fun link to a fancy online report on my personality type that makes it really easy and clear to understand how your type affects you and others around you.

If you decide to get tested for your personality type for the first time, please have it done in person by a professional so your results can be deeply studied and then explained to you.

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INTJ Rational-Mastermind

My personality type is INTJ or “Rational-Mastermind” according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter — one of many tests and examinations I have taken over the years to determine my INTJ status.

There are less than 1% of others in the world with the INTJ personality type.
That means I am often misunderstood or negatively judged by those who are frustrated by their inability to bend me to their unreasonable orders.

No matter where I am or what I am doing I am always alone but never lonely.
It was a great relief to discover my “Rational-Mastermind” diagnosis because it brings years of experience into a new and satisfying light.