You’ve read their blogs.  You’ve felt their heat.  You know their terroristic hatred.  I’m talking about — The Revenge Bloggers — and I’m hoping today we can try to deaden their cold, and narrow, icepick impact in the public square by asking them to retire their poison fingers.

The Revenge Blogger goes online to publish posts that are nothing more than personal vendettas against those private, and unfortunate, people who happen spin in their small, circular, universe.

The Revenge Bloggers let nothing rest.  The Revenge Bloggers are forever insulted.  The Revenge Bloggers are about creating on-the-record embarrassment and public humiliation of their friends and families.

The Revenge Blogger never hesitates to leap online to publish a nasty piece about a neighbor, or a husband, or a child — all in an attempt at some sort of strange, and ill-conceived public, catharsis that only sheds blood and never stanches their evil flow.

The Revenge Blogger is mentally ill because no cogent, or sane person, would ever seek retribution online for life’s little trifles.  We will be disappointed in ourselves.  Others will disappoint us.  Those small happenings that create honest, and ordinary, life in the real world — flaws and foibles and all — must never become fodder for a piercing blog post that excoriates and never heals when a gentle, and private, correction is much more appropriate.


    1. I try to avoid them, too, Gordon. It’s especially hard to take when one of your favorite bloggers suddenly turns to revenge blogging — and stays there.

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