There are days when you may not feel up to writing a blog entry or updating a web page, but you must create something anyway.
You publish not for yourself or for your readers.
You publish for Google.
Google is waiting.

Google doesn’t care what you write. Google only wants you to write
something that can be remembered now and then inspire other
publications tomorrow. The web lives on links. Links are relationships
between ideas and forging new ground between people becomes deeper and
more complex only when there is new material to find and forage.

engines are in the business of networking a neighborhood of minds and
recording those intense thoughts as part of our shared historical
record of interaction. However, if new material ceases to exist, there
is nothing for the search bots to index, and their whole reason for
being immediately changes from charting the human course of existence
alive with adventure and thought and becomes one of merely preserving a
dead historical record.

You publish something every day not just because you want to be indexed
and linked. You publish something every day because you want to be a
hope and not a memory. Google is waiting.


  1. Yes, it’s amazing how you get visitors by Google searches.
    And sometimes what these people are searching for is a little disturbing! 😉
    Google brings visitors to my site who are searching for music because I do the weekly “5 Songs I’m Loving… This Week” post. A couple occasionally stick around to look at a couple other pages.
    Plus, my “5 Songs” posts are easy to do while still putting my ass in the chair! 😀

  2. Hello, My Carla!
    Yes, it is strange how people find us via search engines and I am glad you have a routine set up to make sure you’re always getting new stuff online!
    If you aren’t doing a daily Google Sitemap for your blog, you should get on that bandwagon! 🙂

  3. The new sitemap thing from google is neat. my boyfriend uses it on his blog. if you have wordpress it’s super easy.

  4. Hi soos —
    Yes, WordPress does make taking advantage of Google Sitemaps automatic and invisible and anyone serious about blogging needs to purchase their own domain, get a good web hosting service and start getting all the benefits of dedicated blogging on your own terms.
    I get a really fast turnaround on posts I write here appearing in Google search returns. Sometimes it only takes a couple of days for new posts to be found via a Google search.

  5. I think the web hosting thing is too much over my head. It sounds cool, but I think I’d lose my religion trying to figure it all out.
    I’m not THAT comptuer saavy! 🙂

  6. I’ve had the most disturbing searches imaginable lead to my blog – I’ve had people reach page 67 of their search for some pretty sick stuff and still opening every page. It’s pretty scary.

  7. Today someone in the government typed in the right words and got my bus blog as the top slot. They clicked on over. Hope they liked what they saw! “Just hop on the bus, Gus.” 🙂

  8. So true. But I would agree more if I had more substantial visits coming from Google. Hmmm. I love your entries!
    Dr. Fil

  9. RuKsaK — Wow! Scary, but fun, eh? Who would ever go to page 67 of your blog without our beloved search engines?
    Paula — I love your bus stories. The idea is so strange and wonderful! 🙂
    Dr. Fil — Thanks for the comments! Google will find you. Enable Sitemaps and you’ll be found even faster.
    Ambiguous — You said it perfectly and I thank you for your fine comment.

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