Is purring vibrating blood or does it related to vocal chords? Can all cats both purr AND meow at the same time? My cat, Jack, can and it sounds like he’s giggling.


  1. Mine never purred and meowed at the same time, when she meowed she was either ticked off or really excited which entailed her tearing through the place like a bat out of hell. She would growl at times though when she heard people and knew they didn’t belong near the place even before the dog barked and now that she’s gone I wonder who the dog deems not safe because I very rarely hear her bark/growl. Dumb dog :/

  2. hterry!
    Thanks for the insight into your animals! Jack “talks” all day long. He’s either purring or yelling at me or doing both at the same time and that makes me laugh! He doesn’t growl much at all so we’re lucky he’s super laid-back. I’ve never had a dog. They seem needier than cats. I like how cats decide moment-to-moment if you’re worthy or not. Dogs just always like you. 🙂

  3. You should ask They do their best to answer bizarre questions over there. And I just got home from college for fall break and when I called, my lovely little cat came running and just purred and purred while I held her. It’s not true cats are cold and unemotional like some say, she was so happy to see me (and I was happy to see her)!

  4. Hi Blair!
    Thanks for the URL.
    Your cat sounds so sweet! Cats are the ever-best! 😀
    I hope you did well at college and I certainly wish you great success.

  5. Well, referring to dogs liking everyone, I’m not so sure about that. My dog barks everytime she knows someone is outside, even if they’re just walking down the street. It’s one of these “What are you doing? You better keep moving along!” barks. When we have people over, she loves the attention, but she’s very wary of people until we welcome them in our house.

  6. Purring mixed in. It’s a mixture of purring, growling and barking I think. It’s when she gets really worked up and starts dashing around the house. I read that when cats do that they are burning off unused energy.

  7. Carla! — I wasn’t clear. I meant the pet-owner relationship. Dogs, more than cats, seem willing to go along with you as you wish where a cat will decide second to second if you’re worthy or not. A dog that protects you from strangers is a good thing!
    Robin — That’s so funny! I love it. Jack gets nutso and runs and slides and jumps and leaps and pushes most when he finishes going to the bathroom… especially #2. He goes WILD with happiness for about ten minutes. I guess it’s a good signal to go clean up the cat litter!

  8. Ah…the joys of being a cat.
    I think Aurora is part dog because she’ll bite visitors if she feels they aren’t worthy. I once had a small get together and put chairs in the living room. Immediately both of my cats each sat on a chair as if to say “we come first.”
    Thanks for the reminder on the litter…I gotta go do ours.

  9. Ah, I see… our dog is paper trained (because when we first got her we were unable to go home during the day to walk her as a puppy, and we just never really got her to go outside), and when she was younger, we had our bouts with her not pooping on her papers. So in order to encourage her, we would give her treats (which we now call “eatrays” because she understands the word “treat” and goes bonkers when someone says it) when she pooped.
    So she got accustomed to that and would space her poops out to get multiple treats. Well, she got weaned off of that tradition, but to this day when she does a #2 she comes running up to us with this happy smile on her face, tail emphatically waving as if to say, “Guess what I just did?”

  10. Robin — I love cats and chairs! It’s a little colder here today. Janna heated up a hot water bottle for Jack for fun and put Jack and the bottle on my side of the bed. If I move the water bottle the cat “looks” at me and if I move the cat Janna throws the bottle at me! I’m currently out in the cold.
    Carla — Is “eatrays” Pig Latin? That’s so funny! Wait, according to this site…
    …it should be “eatstray” for a true Pig Latin translation. 🙂
    Animals are so smart! I love it your dog learned to “space out the treats” through good poop management! Harr!

  11. By the way on my site, click “About Sappy Chick” and scroll to the bottom of the page. There are two thumbnails of her. You can click on them to enlarge.

  12. Hi Carla!
    She’s so beautiful! I remember reading your story awhile back about how she’d go to bed with only her head under the bed because the “lights were too bright” for her. Harr!

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