Today the Nebraska football team lost to Oklahoma 31-24. Put the cover on the coffin and declare Nebraska football dead as it moulders in our memories of the Tom Osborne twilight.


  1. Callahan can’t coach young kids. It’s that simple. He’s a Pro guy who has no way to teach young people and it shows on the field. He needs to go.

  2. It is hard to watch the decline of Husker football, husker685. Callahan seems just as disengaged on the field as Frank Solich. We need a rock-steady coach who can faster modify a failing game plan. Right now the team is sinking under the weight of unwieldy expectations.

  3. It’s what happens when money is more important than winning. You buy talent and build more seats but you can’t buy wins or people to sit in the stands. The team reflects Callahan’s “whatever” West Coast Offensive scheme and now we can’t run or pass. We could run for the last 50 years but I guess that wasn’t good enough.

  4. You have made a simple and eloquent case, husker685. I tend to agree the team seems adrift and listless. The Huskers set a new, dismal, record today with the first back-to-back at Home loss since 1968. I understand the idea of breaking down to start over but to completely annihilate what worked so well for so long in the name of the modern and the fancy in the frame of the West Coast Offense seems misguided and non-Nebraska at the core.
    I understand the loss of the unlimited Walk-On program hurt the Huskers more than any other team in the nation and that scholarship parity has leveled any advantage the Huskers used to have over teams in sunnier climates but the one thing Nebraska always had was pride and morality in winning and both of those values are missing in the Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan era.

  5. Go Big Red!
    I went to Nebraska games as a child back in the early 70’s – the days of Bob Devany and Johnny Rodgers. Those were the good ole days…

  6. Hey suzanne!
    I love your Gravatar! It’s so friendly and perfect! ūüôā
    Yes, the Devany days were golden then and now and everyone knew it. Tom Osborne’s tenure was longer and rockier and filled with hatred and hope. Frank Solich was Osborne’s shadow — nothing new of substance there. Bill Callahan is breaking expectation and tradition. I hope he’s in it for the long term because it will take another five years to get his big plan actually working on the field.

  7. It is my selfish hope that the Pederson/Callahan foreign occupation of Nebraska football ends and someone in the bloodline Devaney/Osborne be placed at the top of Husker Nation. Turner Gill, is waiting in exile. Perhaps, Tom Osborne can make this the major plank of his campaign for governor. Is it possible to place Turner Gill as head coach by Executive Order. Until the revolution succeeds, I will Just have to root for the Ohio Bobcats. GO! Frank win the MAC!

  8. Hi Martin!
    I like your ability to keep your excitement going for football by directing your attention and likes to another team instead of wallowing in despair with the current Husker team. Turner Gill would definitely bring some enthusiasm back to the team. He has not been treated well by the current regime. We’ll just have to hold thumbs and hope good things start to happen soon!

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