My recent report on the Jersey City killing of a family turned yesterday when the alleged killer was arrested three miles away. He slit his wrists the day he murdered his sister and two of her children, and then checked himself into Cabrini Green Medical Center in New York City under an assumed name for a “suicide watch.”

A multi-state manhunt over the last month turned up nothing. I’ve claimed here before the criminal mind is a kind of genius that, if turned around, could inherit strength and goodness into the world but first we have to find a way to stop that mind from murdering through its genius.


  1. It is kinda funny but sad. So smart to hide so dumb to kill. I don’t know how to get over the fake name of a crazy person.

  2. Karvain!
    Nice to hear from you and you are at the center of the problem. Doctors are not Detectives and if someone is suicidal with bleeding wrists and they give you a fake name — what do you do? Admit them or fingerprint them? You admit them and work on identity later. This particular accused killer made a call to a friend upon being released from the hospital and was immediately arrested.

  3. Killers on the run are always unpredictable.
    A man from Michigan killed a teenager who had threatened to report his abuse of her friend and went on the run. Subsequently he killed two women at a gas station in a nearby rural area during a robbery. A woman from my office had been traveling that day and had exited the highway to get gas at that gas station on that day but thankfully wasn’t in the area when the killer was there.
    The killer had relatives in our area, so police were on the lookout and the news media spread the word of the manhunt.
    The fugitive’s van was found by alert neighbors in a Gary, Indiana neighborhood and police renewed their efforts at searching the area.
    The man was on the run for about a month.
    The Gary SWAT team was out in force running down reports of the killer. A clerk at a cigarette shop reported spotting the killer casing her store. People in Northwest Indiana were on edge because a killer was evading the police. I doubled checked locks before going to bed and told my eldest son to be careful when playing outside.
    Sometime around the time that the killer’s van was found, there was a gunshot spotted in the area by the city’s gunshot detection system. The system had been put into place after murders in the 1990s had reached record level highs. The system has been credited with reducing crime and capturing gang members who fire their weapons in the city.
    Police weren’t able to find the shooter after receiving the report of the gun shot on the day the killer’s van was found. Maybe it was someone illegally hunting. It’s tough to find a shooter who only shoots once in a wooded area.
    About a month later, a girl taking a short cut through the woods while walking home from school found a dead body.
    The police investigated and determined it was the killer who had been thought to be on the run.
    The gunshot detection system had recorded the killer’s suicide shot.

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