How the HeyDeHey does Blogshares work? Should I be buying more shares of my own David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic blog? I discovered Blogshares yesterday and I mucked things up a bit by issuing 100,000 shares when I hit the wrong button. Boy did I get hate mail on that one! All of that stock was purchased yesterday, though, so should I issue more today or should I sit? I find it bizarre I own so few Blogshares stock in my own blog!


  1. Tajuki — Thank you for the advice! I will check into it.
    Robin — I don’t know anything about them, either!
    Here’s what our Ambiguous Wanderer advised in email this morning:

    Well, if you want more control over your blog’s shares, you need to own a large portion of it. I’ll gift you back some of it. Then, later, when you’ve amassed more wealth, you can force-buy back using LBO (leverage buy out). For the mo, invest your money in buying shares. A good place to find them is at the Tips page. Buy all 4000 shares, and after 6 hours, sell them in 20s. Watch the p/e value. Once it reaches 200 sell all the remaining shares because the price will drop at your next transaction. Then there’s those chips, although, you might want to keep some because you might want to use it to advertise your blog later through the ads. You pay 1 chip for every visitor you get from another player’s advertisement (of your blog) put on their blog. That’s why chips are so highly valued. When I first came, the price was around 35-40 million. Now people are buying them for 40-45 million each.

  2. Yah, me too, Robin. :mrgreen:
    Here’s even more current advice from our Ambiguous Wanderer after I expressed my thanks for all the precise advice and help:

    My pleasure. Don’t issue any more shares. You can do so later if you want to when you have more control over your blog shares. Invest in other blogs. You can sell those chips at the forum. There’s a Trading Floor thread over there and in that, there’s a Chip Auction House. Just start a new topic saying you are new to the game and would like to sell the chips. The richer players are very generous to new players, and you might be lucky to be given 1 billion per chip and you’ll find some more shares gifted to you too. Hope that helps. See you in the forums. 🙂

  3. Welp, you better follow the URL in my original post because you’re listed there too as part of my “package” or whatever you call it and that whole page has been there forever and I didn’t find out about it until yesterday! :mrgreen:
    Ambiguous Wandered just “gifted” me 10,000 shares of my own blog stock. Yay! Thanks, A. W.!
    There are also “Press Releases” concerning my blog that I did not write or setup! It’s a little wacko!

  4. UPDATE: Ambiguous Wandered just “gifted” me ANOTHER 10,000 shares of my own blog stock. Woo-hoo! Thanks again, A. W.! I still have no idea what any of this means but getting gifts is always good, right? Yah-ha!

  5. There you are, A. W.! Thanks for all the Blogshares help this morning. Now you’re going to have to tell me what to do next. 🙂
    Halloween is over! We’re back the world of the living — for the moment only!

  6. Ha, A.W.! You can find the old template on if you want to set up a blog there — I’ll send you an invite if you want one. I should look into a Theme Switcher here for those who long for the olden days. I can always place you back in moderation! :mrgreen:

  7. I’m a tiny bit of a B$ guru, I do a bit of playing. Don’t worry about your shares, it doesn’t make a remote difference. Personally, I no longer deal in shares – dealing in ideas makes far more.

  8. Joe! Thank you so much for the gift of 4,000 shares of my blog! I don’t know how you Blogshares folk work so fast. I guess someone sold shares in my blog, you bought them and gave them to me? Fab-O! I’ve seen the “ideas” concept on Blogshares. Can you explain what it means and how to use it?

  9. David: Our ideas build something called artefacts. Ideas are simply generated by however many blogs link to blogs in a certain category. You then have to either buy them (which can be hard with rare industries) or buy bonds, which are often upto 200% higher than the market price. Bonds are the only way to get ideas in industries like Mozilla though.
    I used an artefact to restructure you blog, I have a few shares – but can only send 25% of my shares every six hours.

  10. Joe —
    This is fascinating, but go slower!
    You buy a bond based on an idea and then if that idea gets linked in more blogs you make money?
    Explain in detail, with footnotes and images, EXACTLY how you restructured my blog (which is news to me! :)) and why you did it and what effects it will have long term and why you can only send 25% every six hours!

  11. Speaking of “real” I’d like to give a shout out to IXLNXS who gave me 1000 shares in Drunken Monkey Style Blogging and when I asked Blogshares what, exactly that gift meant to me in the long term, Rob Beckett of Blogshares Tech Support told me this:

    You’ve been ‘targeted’ by a veteran player to receive a free gift of shares in a blog listed in the game. It’s simply a “welcome” gesture, intended to give you a jump start. You can either purchase more shares in the blog if available, or sell for pure profit. 🙂

  12. Putting it simply, ideas are another element introduced in the game which is produced by the blogs listed on blogshares, into their specific industry. That’s where the voting partially comes in.It’s another form of asset in the game.
    The BlogShares’ Help page give a very good explanation on this aspect of the game, as well as, the other parts of it.

  13. And confusing! Some guy sold 60000 shares of my stock yesterday after buying it all the day before and then, this morning, he bought it all back again! Huh?

  14. That’s how you can profit. When he sold the 60,000 shares in one transaction, he lowered the price of your shares. So when he buys it back, it’s at a lower price. Repeated buying raises back the price, and I noticed that he just sold them again. So this is one way of making a profit.
    Playing BlogShares is also good publicity for your blog. 🙂

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