We already know I am irresistable to people but today I realized I am Doctor Dolittle, too. When I go on my daily powerwalk I am greeted by many non-people — dogs on leashes, cats in windows, ferrets in cages, birds in trees, worms on sidewalks, snails on drainpipes — they all come to me as I walk by them. This didn’t used to happen.

Since I stopped eating animals they are all inexplicably drawn to me — usually to the dismay of their owners who try to pull them away from coming over to say hello. I know what my new friends sense: I don’t eat their kind and they can smell that fact on me as I wander along. Even if my friends can’t come to greet me I always wave to say hello back.

As an aside to an Aside, I’ve never understood how a Veterinarian could ever be anything other than Vegan because to be anything else is to betray the spirit of your service: How can you eat what you were born to heal?


  1. I love references to the Mary Tyler Moore show. Good point about Vets eating their patients.

  2. Hey, you know that was my Spam filter that caught you! I didn’t have anything to do with it. Really! I’m running Akismet now so that kind of false-positive should be no more.

  3. if you haven’t read the comments under my post today, you’ll see that apparently I don’t have an original thought.

  4. Hi Carla —
    Hmm… while I understand the point of your commenter he could have gone about expressing his contempt for you in a different way. 🙂 He might have been better received if he said, “I really like your original writing best” or something like that — he obviously was disappointed in what he considered a “cut and paste” blog entry of the thoughts of others published under your name. You can guard against that by providing your personal analysis of how and why each of those quotes inspires you. It’s more work, but you won’t have to bear that kind of accusation again.

  5. I do like your idea, but I don’t appreciate what that guy had to say. He was very callous. What’s even more ironic, is that he puts his blogsite (blogsinreview.blogspot.com) with his name, which would lead one to believe that his site would be one that critiques other blogs, but when I clicked on the link, that blog is not up on Blogger.
    The whole thing just really peeved me off this morning. Not a good way to start a Saturday! 👿

  6. Yeah, it wasn’t handled very well and it made me Grumpy, too! Remember, though, the life of a professional writer is filled with mean people and callous comments. 🙂

  7. This is true… I’m still working on my thick skin. 😀
    I like feedback and constructive critiques… not negative comments.

  8. The best advice I ever received on writing and performing was this:

    Believe in yourself and those you work with and not in your reviews, because if you wallow in the good you have to bathe in the bad. If you don’t read any of them then you don’t have to worry about taking the good with the bad.

  9. I miss out on too much having a life…I’ve gotta stop that.
    Maybe I should become a vegitarian and my cat might like me more.

  10. The way my cats react to catnip I don’t know if that is a good idea but tuna would probably work. I’d be Aurora’s best friend.

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