A month ago my Technorati ranking was 40,414 with 49 links from 45 sites.
As of today, my ranking is 14,605 with 256 links from 100 sites! Zowie! I couldn’t believe my eyes so I took a picture of it for my memory book:
David W. Boles' Urban Semiotic Rising
I thank you for those numbers.
This blog is nothing without you.


  1. Awww, Daaaaa-vid, 😳 you’re so sweet!
    And congrats on those numbers. Now you need to go to my site and defend my honor. Some nimrod posted this smartass comment on my latest post. 👿
    Hee just kidding 😉

  2. Thank you, Miss Carla!
    The Technorati numbers were a welcome surprise. It’s been a rough couple of days getting everything moved to Media Temple. Losing all your sites and email is always risky and having to do it all over again three weeks later was a big gamble.
    Today, it seems, everything is fine and perking again so it was certainly the right move to make for now because everything is running better.
    I’m paying twice as much now than before, but I’ll eat doubling the price for a quadrupling of database and load speed. 😀
    Hey… I had fun commenting on your blog yesterday!

  3. Hey clem —
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello and yes, I too, am glad the videos are “live” online again. Whew! If it didn’t work out I may have had to find *another* hosting company somewhere!

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