I am going round and round with Media Temple about getting my MPEG4 videos to play.
They say the videos play.
I say they don’t.
You are the judge and jury!
Do you see the Quicktime video playing at the bottom of this page or not?
You vote: Yes or No


  1. He’s talking about the quicktime broken logo when it doesnt work. I’m using W2K at work with
    Opera – no
    IE – no
    FF – no and oddly it keeps telling me I need to install quicktime plugin when it’s already installed.

  2. hterry!
    Thanks for the vote! It is VERY strange. Media Temple tell me they can see the videos playing on their end. I have yet to meet anyone on my end who can see the videos play. I think there’s a server glitch somewhere so that gives me great hope this can easily be fixed without installing a whole buncha extra server goop.