An hour ago my Verizon phone line died and my DSL went belly up as well and I lost all connectivity.
I knew I should have Comcast Cable Internet, too!


I hate being disconnected from my virtual life!
Verizon are coming sometime tomorrow in a giant 12 hour service window to maybe fix my problem. We’ll see if they actually show up or not. My money is on Wednesday and not tomorrow.

And then — With my Voice line dead I decided to fire up my box to see if my WiFi hunter could borrow someone else’s bandwidth for a bit and I was surprised to see my DSL line is back up and working while my voice line is still dead.


I see there are new messages here and I will do my best to stay connected for as long as possible to answer them all but if I get cut off again and disappear for awhile you’ll know it’s because of Verizon and not because I no longer love you.


  1. Well, occasionally you’ve got some words of wisdom that give me a lift as well. 😉
    And did ya notice? I posted an opening excerpt from my NaNo novel. I haven’t hit 1K words yet though. 🙁

  2. I’m sure you will find great success.
    I, however, am finding few successes in my DSL connectivity! I’m on then I’m off then I’m off and off and off and on and then off…

  3. I don’t particularly like Verizon but my Knology does the same thing sometimes. I won’t have phone but have cable and internet. It’s all in the same line. What irks me the most is when th neighbor runs over the cable box outside quite a few times.

  4. Sorry about your problem. I just have dial up, but my previous ISP did great for 6 months, but the last 6 months with them the connection would drop and or go dead at any moment.
    Them they were the times I just could not connect.
    I complained, they told me it was my computer causing my trouble, that it was impossible for the problem to be on their end, “frown”. That if I brought my computer in they would have a professional fix the problem, steam goes forth from my ears.
    About 3 weeks back I notified them I was changing ISP’s and would not be renewing with them. They asked me, if you don’t mind will you tell us why? I told them I was already with a different ISP and my connection problems were gone and it was once again enjoyable to be on line. They did not tell me they were glad I got my connection problems solved, grin.
    I fail to see how such ISP’s keeps customers and stay afloat.
    Hope you soon get your solved.
    May God bless,

  5. hey hterry — I’m not a big Verizon fan either. When we first moved in here four years ago we decided to use Comcast Cable for Internet service and it was terrible. You couldn’t get anything done at night because the service was so slow. We moved over to Verizon DSL and things have been pretty good! The service is fast and reliable. We haven’t had a down day in four years and that’s shocking! I guess we’re technically still “up” since I can still get a sort-of connection if I’m patient so the DSL isn’t totally dead. It’s good to know the Web can still work while voice and television do not. 🙂
    Jerry — I do not like it when companies blame the end user. “It’s you, not us” makes my ears steam, too! I am glad you voted with your pocketbook and when elsewhere.
    Robin — Comcast used to be awful. Four years may have made them the leader again. I’ll have to check them out!

  6. Well I’ve only had them for a year or so but before that I have Verizon and before that Earthlink and this is way better than either of those.

  7. How fast is you download speed, Robin? Does your connection speed get slower at night? Do you have to send mail via Comcast’s SMTP server only?

  8. Well at home I use my laptop with a wireless connection so that may be different. Erik says that I need more memory which is why mine is slow. I’d have to ask him he’d know the real answers to that.

  9. Hello,
    I have a problem downloading Verizon DSL CD. When I try, a message comes up saying, “A connection to AOL has been detected. Close AOL, take out CD and reinsert CD.” I have done this over and over, and I am not signed onto AOL, when I try.
    I just don’t get it. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi K,
    I have Verizon DSL — you don’t need to install their programs to get access to the internet.
    Just hook up the DSL equipment (modem and phone line filters) and use your browser and email program (Outlook or whatever you want). You should be able to get online.

  11. Hi,
    Need help in a big way. I just got verizon dsl with the verizon wireless dsl modem/router (Actiontech GT704WG). What is the best browser to use for this set-up? I think I have the Verizon Yahoo browser, but this gives me problems with Runtime Error Line 9, (caused by Yahoo browser) Do you want to debug? When I say yes, I get this long page with no idea what to do with it. When I say no, it keeps coming up when I try to look at different web sites. This is very fustrating to me. My sister told me to stop using Yahoo browser, but she couldn’t tell me how or what browser to use. Can someone tell me how to change my Yahoo browser to something different? Maybe like Firefox oe which ever one is best for Verizon DSL?
    Also, do I need to switch over to use and/or install Verizon’s modem/router into my computer instead of using the internal modem that came with my computer (Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem)? My computer is an HP Media Center PC m1264n, with Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
    So, there’s all my problems. I realize that it’s a long list, but somebody please “HELP ME!”
    Thank You,
    Really Confused (Helena)

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