Cancelling Verizon Voice and DSL

I’ve reached my end.  I give in.  I submit.  I’m cancelling my Verizon Voice and DSL service effective immediately.  I’m going with Comcast Cable’s Triple Play special instead. 

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Bizzaro World of Verizon DSL

An hour ago my Verizon phone line died and my DSL went belly up as well and I lost all connectivity.
I knew I should have Comcast Cable Internet, too!


I hate being disconnected from my virtual life!
Verizon are coming sometime tomorrow in a giant 12 hour service window to maybe fix my problem. We’ll see if they actually show up or not. My money is on Wednesday and not tomorrow.

And then — With my Voice line dead I decided to fire up my box to see if my WiFi hunter could borrow someone else’s bandwidth for a bit and I was surprised to see my DSL line is back up and working while my voice line is still dead.


I see there are new messages here and I will do my best to stay connected for as long as possible to answer them all but if I get cut off again and disappear for awhile you’ll know it’s because of Verizon and not because I no longer love you.