I’ve reached my end.  I give in.  I submit.  I’m cancelling my Verizon Voice and DSL service effective immediately.  I’m going with Comcast Cable’s Triple Play special instead. 

I made this change because I loathe Verizon — even though I try to keep convincing myself how much I like their DSL service. Their technical support is just awful if you need to get something fixed in a timely manner.

Several days ago I noticed our voice line had no dialtone.  Our DSL line was fine.  I hesitated to call in a trouble report because I knew if they fixed the voice line, Verizon would kill our DSL line in the process.

Sure enough, they fixed the voice line and our DSL has been dead for three days now with no life in sight.

Verizon claims we have DSL service even though we don’t.  They don’t know what’s wrong.  They replaced the switch.  They sent out a tech.  They say it’s working.

It is not working.

We’re dead in the water here for getting any real work done online. 

I’m grateful we were smart enough to get the new 3G Option GT Ultra Express modem last week — but only one person can use it at a time, and when Janna‘s home, Janna wins the bandwidth war.

Our 3G modem is also limited to 5Gigs of bandwidth a month — so we have to be really careful to meter our shared-taking-turns usage.  Forget about streaming any live audio or video right now.

I called Comcast to inquire about their Triple Play service where they provide cable TV, VOIP and Internet access for a bundled price.  The sales Rep said we could get all that for only $10 a month more than we are paying now for cable TV alone!

Wowser!  Now that’s a deal!   

Comcast are actually helping us get rid of our $80 a month Verizon Voice and DSL bill — and that will save us over $70 a month — thanks to the Comcast Triple Play!

I told Comcast to sign us up and they’ll have an installer here tomorrow
between Noon and 3pm! 

Isn’t that cunning? 

Comcast knows people call to get extra service when we’re fed up with the old world telephone companies — and before our cooler heads can prevail, they have already moved in and set us up with their service. 

Keen move, Comcast!

I realize cable-anything is generally less reliable than a standard phone line — but in exchange for saving $70 a month — I’m willing to take a chance on Comcast’s Triple Play and live with it for awhile.  I always have my 3G modem if the cable internet dies a lonesome death.

Watch this space for a follow up report on Comcast’s Triple Play service!

Goodbye Verizon Voice and DSL:  Please die the slow and dry death you deserve!


  1. I woke up a little early this morning and thought it odd that there was no urb. Nothing at 8, 9:30, etc… then I thought that perhaps you were not going to publish today for some reason that I didn’t know. Then my imagination ran wild and I thought perhaps you had been trapped by some errant furniture and your iphone was just out of reach. What a relief that you are okay.
    Incidentally, this last week I have had to restart my cable modem about 20 times. Comcast is usually great but when they’re bad, they are bad. 🙂

  2. Gordon —
    Yeah! It was a lousy day here in Jersey Cityland. It’s hot. Janna’s home, but working and Verizon are liars. Comcast is coming to the rescue and I am quite certain I’ll be worse off with Comcast than Verizon in the long run, but for now, Comcast seems eager and ready to rescue me while Verizon doesn’t care.
    At exactly 5:10pm Verizon DSL dispatch called to confirm their arrival tomorrow — and when I told her I was told by a Verizon Supervisor that I’d have a tech on site before the end of the day today to “fix” the problem, I was told that wasn’t true.
    So… either that dispatch person was lying to me or the Supervisor I spoke to at 11am was lying to me… but what difference does it make now? They’re gone.
    I can breathe a bit now without being stuck on hold all day long for the past three days while Verizon DSL support asks me the same questions over and over and over again… we’ll hope Comcast can keep us steady… at least for a little while…

  3. Yeah, it’s hot here and we’ve been offline for three days. Comcast is offering good pricing. We’ll see how it works. If it doesn’t, maybe we’ll go with a different service.

  4. Yeah, Janna! We can always go “dry DSL” with a Covad or even AT&T and leave Verizon tech support out of our loops even if they’re providing the backbone…
    Don’tcha love swapping seats to type comments on the same computer! Ha!

  5. A real life example of a very funny snippet from a Gilmore Girls episode. A character was trying to get the service people to come and so she told them to be there by a certain time because an hour later, their competitor would be setting up her home for their service. Suddenly they agreed to be there. Too bad it doesn’t work in real life.

  6. David!
    good luck with your comcast service! hope it works out well.

  7. That’s a great example, Gordon! Verizon was here at 9am and they called four times between 8-9am. Too bad I wasn’t around.

  8. Thanks, Dananjay!
    It took 45 minutes to cancel Verizon Voice and DSL today and they weren’t friendly about it. I spent a lot of time on hold and I was told I’d have to call a separate DSL number to cancel the DSL service. Then, when I complained about that extra, unnecessary step, the rep told me she could cancel both services in a single call. What a mess!
    I wish we had one button we could push to disconnect service and reconnect service.

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