Janna and I were out the other night at one of our favorite restaurants: Tio Pepe in the core of New York City’s Greenwich Village.

The menu held an alarming surprise.
One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things just doesn’t belong
Cucaracha Borracha
Liquid Cocaine
Angel Kiss
Blow Job
Puruple Mother F*cker
Slippery Nipple
Here’s the thing that doesn’t fit…

… Wait for it

“Shiraz” is a delicious type of wine while everything else on the list
is a new a hip kind of “shot” alcoholic drink!

Reading that crass list
made me wonder what happened to Tio Pepe and when I officially became
old. I can’t imagine speaking the names of any of those shots, let
alone drinking one. It’s sad how far the majestic have fallen:

Pepe was the first restaurant in New York to introduce the Pina Colada
1970. Today, they’re just as tasteless as every other nameless Village


  1. I’ll be old with you. Those names are disgusting. I would never order any of them. Saying it cheapens you.

  2. It’s another cheapening of America, clem! Tip Pepe was an old-world class restaurant with great food like the Minetta Tavern in the Village. Times and consistencies change with the economic winds, I guess. The Minetta Tavern, however, remains stoic, excellent, and unchanged.

  3. I love Electric Kamakazi’s (they are blue) we get them free at our college bar everytime we go. I had a slippery nipple with my dad once 😆
    I’ve never had a blow job but I once watched one being made in Montreal. The bartender got on top of the bar and stood over the woman. He pulled down his pants (not his boxers) and poured the different liquors into her mouth. Then he shot whip cream into her mouth and she stood up. One of my friends has a picture of this event 😆
    Ahhh…the good ol days.

  4. Why do you get free drinks?
    That’s a Blow Job? Incredible! Why would a woman order that to get that?! I can’t imagine my stoic Tio Pepe waiters doing anything like that. That’s madness I say!

  5. Because we’re old friends of the owner (thanks to me but my friends wouldn’t admit it) we’ve been going there forever and bring in a lot of business. So Pete (owner) always makes us a big batch of Electric Kamakazi’s (which I first tried at a club once). Hey if you ever come out with us you’ll get a free BK too…although you’d have to watch my friend Karen put the end of a beer bottle in her mouth 😀
    Well that’s how they did the blow job at that club…I’m sure normally it’s not that over the top.

  6. What, exactly, is in an Electric Kamikaze?
    You mean Karen puts the base end of a beer bottle in her mouth?
    I hope to never see one of your Blow Jobs for the rest of my life! (That didn’t come out exactly right, did it? :mrgreen::!:)

  7. * 1/2 oz. Triple Sec
    * 1/2 oz. Vodka
    * 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao
    * 1/2 oz. Lime Juice
    A lot like a cosmopolitan 😛
    Yes that is what Karen does and still does at 27. My friends are strange…really strange (at least the ones from college).
    Ok yeah that didn’t sound right but again that shot I saw wasn’t mine it was someone elses. I’ve never done the shot myself but I think I just may have to do it at some point just to say I did.

  8. Wild stuff, there, Robin! Your friend Karen sounds like she’s hard on her teeth! 🙂 I hope you decide not to give yourself a Blow Job in the future — it sounds like it’s more fun for the giver than the receiver.

  9. The drink menu reminds me of the college bars I frequented in the early ’90s. I never tried any of the fancy shots, however. We were too broke to afford anything more than the drink specials and dime beer nights.
    I wonder if these shots are on the menu at TGI Friday’s and Applebees for everyone in shopping mall America to order?

  10. Hi Chris!
    I spent my college days in Nebraska where the drink of the day was Budweiser in a can (ugh!) and in New York City at Columbia where the drink of the day was Rolling Rock in a bottle (not bad!). Now I prefer wine or a thick Guinness or a frothy Boddington’s from the tap.
    It sure would be interesting to see if these new provocatively named drinks are on the mainstream restaurant dining menus and how parents explain to their children what the names mean. 🙂

  11. You know for my brief move to Tulsa Oklahoma I went to a cowboy bar one night and tried to order a cosmopolitan…they just looked at me like I had 10 heads. Then I tried to get a Rolling Rock…same response. So I just asked for a Bud 😆

  12. I think the sad thing here is that I’ve actually heard of most of those and drink them too :/ But it is odd that there is a win in that list if they are all shots.

  13. Hey Carla! — Is a Woodchuck cider a beer? Is it made from apples?
    Robin! — What were you ever doing in Oklahoma?!! 🙂
    hterry! — Aik! That is sad! It’s not only sad you’ve heard of the drinks, but that you remembered them as well! Double Aik!! 🙂 They are all shots. It was the Tio Pepe Shot List. Ugh!

  14. Ummm…I thought I needed a change so I moved to Tulsa (I have a lot of family out there) it didn’t last long…only a month.

  15. Woodchuck is made from apples, so no, it wouldn’t be a beer. It’s quite tasty though. It’s best from the tap, but some ice cold in a bottle is almost as good! It comes in amber (my fave), Granny Smith (too tart for me), dark (never tried), and pear (never tried).
    The only beers I’ve tried that I like are Killian’s, Rolling Rock, and Newcastle. I’m not one for trying new beers because if I don’t like it, I’ve lost my money! 😀

  16. Robin! — I cannot imagine ANYTHING that would make you think you could find happiness in Oklahoma! You’re an East Coast Babe! Stay here and be happy! I had a freshly-minted PhD friend who was Jewish and took a job on a tenure track at a famous university in Texas. Everyone here who knew better begged him NOT to go, but he did anyway. He was back — fired — in less than three months. He could not find an apartment there — “We don’t rent to the Jew” — and he was absolutely hated in his university department for caring and working late and demanding the faculty do the right thing.
    Carla! — I’m still not getting it. So it’s an apple cider that’s turned? Isn’t it bitter and sour? The darker the beer, the better it is for your heart! Get your hubby to order a dark beer and then you try it with a sip. If you like it then you can go for one of your own. Guinness is fantastic from a tap! Hospitals give a pint of Guinness a day for free to all pregnant women in Ireland because of its high iron content. I’m not kidding.

  17. Well the best I can say is I was about 23 and sick of my life here. I was doing nothing and going nowhere (living with my parents). I just wanted to start over. I learned a lot doing that and a couple months after I moved back I met Erik so all was how it should be. I got to do a kickass roadtrip with my best friend though because of it.

  18. yes, it’s alcoholic cider. Hubby doesn’t drink often at all, so any beer I’d want to try I’d have to do on my own or sample what someone with us has.

  19. Robin — I’m glad you’re back where you belong!
    Carla — Very interesting. The cider-on-tap sounds like fun. Try a Guinness from the tap sometime and drink it all at once before it settles to “black” — your bartender will know what I mean — you want to drink it while it’s tanned and swirling. Don’t buy it in the store. It will be much too bitter. Janna always plugs her nose when she sips my Guinness and I try to tell her you need to gulp the whole pint in three swallows or it’ll get stuck on your tongue and won’t go down a’tall! 🙂

  20. Ah, I see now, you snuck that one (shiraz) in on your own. Think I may have to go to the bar tonight to get me a couple of those but on a variation. Like instead of a kamikaze, get a black raspberry kamikaze – way better 🙂 Slippery nipples are good but buttery nipples are better 🙂 I haven’t come across just a “shot bar” around here yet but we do have a frozen drink bar called Wet Willies.

  21. Yes, shiraz was the one that didn’t belong. I think you’re on the verge of potty mouthing in your comment, hterry! :mrgreen: Who knew we could have such a nasty discussion over such innocuous, but suggestive names!

  22. does it make me old that i had previously thought that ‘sex on the beach’ was scandalous?

  23. Or maybe you were making him an offer he couldn’t refuse! Bwa-harr! ❗
    Be careful, Robin! Gordon might just bring you back home to your original faith. He’s devoted, persuasive and powerful!

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