Should Drug Abusers Be Banned From Having Children?

Having children in the simplest sense is a purely biological expression in that all that it takes to make it happen is to have the right conditions. There are no tests or other requirements that need to be met prior to people having children and it is not just the existence of television shows such as “Sixteen and Pregnant” and the like. Then you find out that you can take all the illegal drugs you want and still be allowed to have any number of children, even seven!

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Thoughts on Charlie Sheen's Firing

When first I conceived to write this article, it was going to be my thoughts on the shortening of this latest season of Two and a Half Men. In the time since I had the idea for that article, Charlie Sheen was officially fired from the show, and the future of the show is unknown — indeed, my first draft of this article had the title “Thoughts on the Cancellation of Two and a Half Men” until I remembered that the show had not been cancelled but one of its primary actors had been removed entirely from its production.

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Cocaine and Pimpjuice

Do you think advertising has the absolute power to absolutely corrupt? Are young minds more vulnerable to subtle and overt advertising genius than older thinkers — or are we all enslaved by the temptation of our eyes and ears?

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Up Your Nose With Your Father’s Toes

What is the nature of celebrity in society? Is it to enlighten? Darken? Distract? Dim? Is any morality owed to the sycophants who adore celebrity? How do we explain and frame Keith Richards’ recent admission he snorted his father’s ashes mixed with cocaine and then his quick recantation of that confession?

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Liquid Cocaine

Janna and I were out the other night at one of our favorite restaurants: Tio Pepe in the core of New York City’s Greenwich Village.

The menu held an alarming surprise.
One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things just doesn’t belong
Cucaracha Borracha
Liquid Cocaine
Angel Kiss
Blow Job
Puruple Mother F*cker
Slippery Nipple
Here’s the thing that doesn’t fit…

… Wait for it

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