Having children in the simplest sense is a purely biological expression in that all that it takes to make it happen is to have the right conditions. There are no tests or other requirements that need to be met prior to people having children and it is not just the existence of television shows such as “Sixteen and Pregnant” and the like. Then you find out that you can take all the illegal drugs you want and still be allowed to have any number of children, even seven!

It seems that the mother of the year award has to go to the rather appropriately named Daiquiri Miller who had her seventh child that was taken away from her after it tested positive for cocaine. When the authorities came to take away said child, she wondered what took them so long. I have to wonder how it was possible that she got to have even the three children before this one, as they too were taken away from her for being cocaine positive, or marijuana positive.

In fact, it seems that every single one of her children was taken away from her. One child was taken away after being found in the car with her mother and then boyfriend abusing drugs. Another child was taken away for having a suspicious broken leg.

I got some interesting insight into this story from Elizabeth who had a similar situation happen to a relative of hers. Said relative had children taken away from her for testing positive for crack and it was suggested by her family that she should have her tubes tied so that she would not be able to have any more children and they were told that they wouldn’t tie her tubes because it would violate her rights as a mother — that is almost an exact quotation. So in other words, better that she should go on to have children that are born addicted to drugs — and she apparently did — than to prohibit her from having any more such children.

As for Ms. Daiquiri Miller, it seems that she could be in prison for life now — unless she gets out first. I can only hope that she does not have an eighth child.


  1. Definitely a shocking story, Gordon. This is the world in which we live where the life of the foetus is given more importance than the life of the adult.

    1. Even more disturbing is the fact that the foetus in question is doomed from the start when they have drug addicted environments as wombs. Fortunately, I can speak from first hand knowledge that it is possible for children from such hostile environments to make it out and grow up to be happy, well educated, young adults.

  2. An Indian couple have had their children taken away by Norwegian social workers because they were feeding them with their hands and sleeping in the same bed as them.

    1. That’s insane. Co-sleeping has many benefits and was the norm for many years. I’m not sure what feeding with hands means. With what else should you feed someone?

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