I watched House of Wax on Pay-Per-View the other night and it was strangely satisfying!

House of Wax

Elisha Cuthbert is a great actress and as you can see below she gets into lots of perilous situations but she always recovers to win again:

House of Wax

The story centers around a town controlled by a couple of strange
brothers who take visitors to their small slice of paradise and then
cover them in wax to populate their town as permanent citizens.

 House of Wax

are several twists to this version of the classic story. Elisha’s
character fights the bad guys with her brother and not a teenaged lover
— it was nice to see a family coming together to fend off evil. Paris
Hilton has a small part but she does a respectable acting job. The
final sequence of the movie where everything wax melts is rather
visually stunning.

The bad guys are tethered together physically
psychically and if you watch the movie closely you will see just how
creepily they keep getting connected by the echoes of their past.
If you’re looking for a good popcorn movie with lots of verifiable
creepy thrills, then House of Wax is the perfect choice for a scary evening.


  1. Hiya soos!
    I saw this movie on purpose and I was surprised at how suspenseful it was throughout the movie.
    What was your favorite part of the movie?

  2. Well, without ruining the movie for anyone — when the first friend meets his waxy demise and how he is discovered. It was creepish.

  3. Oh, yes! That’s an excellent series of moments, soos.
    My favorite — without really ruining for anyone — is when Elisha’s lips are glued shut — she acts the moment really well and they did put something really sticky on her lips because she is certainly in pain! What a great sequence suggesting the terror of not being able to communicate!

  4. Don’t remind me of that scene. It was pretty gory. It was tense, though. The wax was done well throughout like it was a character or something.

  5. I do wonder how they did that big scene where everything melts. Was it real wax? How did the actors get all that wax out of their hair and clothes. What a mess it was!

  6. We should name all the movies featuring wax. “Wax on, wax off” from what movie?

  7. I love the Vincent Price orignal, a classic piece of horror from 1953. In fact, anyting from Vincent Price is really worth watching. I havent watched the re-imagination, but I had serious doubts based on the trailers I have seen. Based on the commentary perhaps I should see it.

  8. Hi Jonathan —
    I love Vincent Price and I actually worked with him a few times. He was an excellent artist and supporter of the arts.
    You will not likely like the re-imagining in comparison with the original, but if you’re looking for a few moments of mindless escape it is better than much of the other B-movie gluck out there.

  9. Personally, I hated it. I never thought I was squeamish, but I couldn’t bear to watch some of the gory scenes, just because they were so gruesome and so… inhumane. I find it really disturbing, honestly.

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