I cannot believe they killed Edgar Stiles (aka Louis Lombardi) on 24 last night!


Geek lovers around the world were brokenhearted as the big, fat, sweaty
doofus did his job better and faster than the prettier people around


His yearning for Chole O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) — — was one of the
great unrequited love stories of all time. Edgar and Chole
loved/hated/respected each other as they saved the world through
breaking into computers.

You knew the show respected the Edgar Stiles
character because when he died the “24 Countdown Clock” was silent as
the seconds withdrew.
Louis Lombardi is a familiar face in television.

24 is one of the greatest shows on television even in its fifth season.


Mondays aren’t the same when Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) isn’t
shooting someone to get information to cure the free world from
terrorists as the Counter Terrorist Unit’s finest undercover rogue


The pleasure in watching Kiefer every week is he always speaks in a
whisper so you have to pay attention to every word he says or you’ll
miss out on important plot points and he plays a characters who won’t
hesitate to do the right thing even if it’s wrong and we feel the
conflict in Jack Bauer’s life-and-death job as our hero suffers the
station of a modern-day Job.



  1. There’s a syndicated radio show that we get here in Greenville that comes from Indianapolis (maybe?) – the Bob and Tom Show. They always have comedians on every day, but they have this guy who calls in, a lot of times on Mondays or Tuesdays, who does a fantastic Jack Bauer impression. He’s either talking really softly or yelling, and at some point during the conversation he always interrupts or stops in mid-sentence to yell “EVERYBODY DOWN!”
    It’s quite funny. 😀

  2. Hi Carla!
    Right! Jack is either whispering or yelling! You made me laugh with the EVERYBODY DOWN! line. He does say that often in every show.
    Yesterday was a shocker of a two hour series of episodes. Lots of great action and sadness.

  3. Hubby and I keep meaning to watch it, but now, there’s so many seasons. He wants to borrow/rent the DVDs to watch the previous seasons before delving into a new one.
    I read somewhere that one of the creators/producers/some creative head of that show has said he’d like to do the show somewhere else one season, perhaps London, and have a different cast. I’m not sure that would work though. People seem to be pretty attached to Jack/Keifer

  4. Hi Carla —
    Oh, you’ll love 24. You don’t need to really watch all the seasons in order. I understand your dilemma, though, because I have the same reaction to LOST. I don’t want to jump in the middle of something I won’t fully understand.
    I haven’t heard about changing locations — I’ve heard a 24 movie is in the works for this summer and I hope it doesn’t kill the series like the X-Files movie killed that series!
    I don’t think the show would work without Kiefer. He’s the center of the show. All the relationships that we care about/hate are tied to him.
    Someone mentioned the only person who could effectively replace Kiefer would be Edward Norton and I agree that would be a great thing to try because it might just work.
    Do you know Edward?
    My students always told me I looked like Edward Norton’s twin when Edward was popular in a lot of movies. Recently my students tell me I look like Jack — that Gay guy on “Will and Grace — and I keep hoping Edward Norton will make another big movie soon so my comparison will move back to a more convenient and less punishing archetype.

  5. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of movies with Edward, and I agree that switch could work.
    I saw Fight Club, which was good, yet it’s not one that I want to see over and over again. I also saw the poker movie with him and Matt Damon – I can’t remember the name! That one was pretty good too.
    I always wanted to see the one with him having 25 hours before going to prison, can’t remember the name of that one either – geez! 😕

  6. I haven’t been watching 24. I need to check out the previous seasons’ DVDs since they are available for free at our public library.
    If they bring Edward Norton to 24, I’d definitely have to watch. It would make what sounds like an excellent show even better!
    I did check out CSI Miami last night — your post about it inspired me to try to remember to flip the channel after The Apprentice. I think I’m in love with Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander). Don’t tell my wife, however!
    Did you ever get a chance to check out one of the best programs on television, The Shield?

  7. Chris —
    Oh, you’ll love 24, Chris! It’s all about morality and lying and how the government plays right into that mixed bag of drowning kittens!
    I don’t know if Edward Norton has done television before. I agree he’d be a great addition to the cast in any light.
    CSI Miami is a wonderful show! Khandi is a big talent. Do you remember her on News Radio? That was her first big start.
    I haven’t seen the Shield yet. Remind me the channel, day and time to watch! I wonder if it is on “On Demand” yet?

  8. Oh, I LOVED News Radio, but it was never the same after Phil Hartman was killed. That was a tragic loss.

  9. Hi Wendy!
    YES! SCREAMING AT THE TV is exactly what we were doing, too. It’s so unfair to kill off such a fun character.
    Someone on the web said Edgar had a gas mask and injection serum in his desk — so maybe he isn’t dead yet! The silent clock suggests he is really dead, though.
    Louis was interviewed on our local Fox station last night and he said his death was a surprise to him as well — he didn’t know he was being killed off until a week before the week they shot the episode.
    Losing Michelle Dessler so early this season was hard, too. I loved her character and acting style — Reiko Aylesworth is fantastic:

  10. Carla —
    You are right Phil Hartman’s death doomed “News Radio.” I always thought it was Dave Foley’s show but it was really Phil’s.
    I miss Phil’s talent so much! I still laugh remembering when Phil’s character would go “up and down the stairs” to his office on the same floor.

  11. Don’t miss The Shield tonight at 10 p.m. EST on FX. It repeats an hour later as well.
    Here’s plot the leads up to tonight’s episode:
    IAD officer, Lt. Kavanaugh (Forest Whitaker), might have gone over the edge when his estranged wife falsely reported a rape as a result of her mental illness. He arrested one of the members of the strike team Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) heads on charges of stealing drugs from a criminal. In exchange for a drug lord’s testimony against Mackey’s strike team and their unconventional crime fighting ways, Kavanaugh has agreed to get the cops placed in the drug lord’s prison so that he can exact revenge.

  12. News Radio had one of those great ensemble casts too though. Each character made that show, and while I think Jon Lovitz is funny, the new presence seemed to throw everything off. I wonder really if they should have just not cast a replacement.

  13. Carla —
    I agree — JON LOVITZ KILLED NEWS RADIO, not Phil. Oh, Jon was awful in that show and I love Jon’s acting.
    I agree — move on without him — there’s no need to replace the irreplaceable. Give Joe Rogan a bigger role!

  14. Glenn Close isn’t on the show anymore. They replaced her character with a guy who is weak and easily manipulated by Mackey.
    You won’t be lost if you get into the show now since the first couple of minutes will bring you up to speed with the relevant plot points leading up to the present show.
    Some more background about the show to bring you up to speed quickly:
    The IAD is being backed by the highest levels of the police force because they want to root out corruption. However, a member of the police commission who is also a city councilman and the former Captain in charge of the precinct might be under investigation by Kavanaugh, so he might be working to undermine him. Also, Mackey knows about Kavanaugh’s ex-wife’s mental illness, so he might use it as leverage against the IAD officer.
    It’s a tangled web of intrigue, but each show stands by itself, so if you miss one, you can get into the series pretty quickly with the recaps.

  15. Here’s some praise for The Shield contained in a Chicago Tribune review of The Unit.
    “The Unit’s” other executive producer, Shawn Ryan, is the man behind “The Shield,” an FX drama that is, in this reviewer’s opinion, the best police drama in TV history.
    Here’s what the Chicago Tribune says about 24:
    The problem with “24” is that it’s so darn wimpy.
    OK, it’s not, but compared to “The Unit” (8 p.m. Tuesday, WBBM-Ch. 2), “24” is a wussy, three-hankie Lifetime weeper.

  16. Hi Chris!
    The URL you provide doesn’t seem to work.
    I love the quotes!
    Can’t wait to watch “The Shield” and compare it with 24!

  17. I can’t believe you just said that without a spoiler warning… Especially since you’re on blogexplosion I think it’s slightly bad-mannered…

  18. The show was on and was aired and the “Deceased” image was copied from the Fox website so there’s no spoiling involved here and Edgar’s death is fair game for discussion.
    In case you haven’t heard yet, Hitler lost the war.

  19. Hi Chris!
    I was overruled on what Tivo would record last night and now I understand why I’ve never been able to watch it before!
    I have to check to see if it is available via Comcast On Demand.

  20. The one good thing about Edgar’s death is that it clears the way for that Jack/Chloe romance I’ve been yearning for these past few seasons.

  21. The one good thing about Edgar’s death is that it clears the way for that Jack/Chloe romance I’ve been yearning for these past few seasons.

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