Yesterday I wrote a lengthy review about my new Cingular/at&t BlackBerry 8700c phone/PDA/slicer-dicer/messagemonster. I also decided to kill my current unlucky phone number because an opportunity of great passion and magnitude was unwittingly offered to me by the cabal that I could not refuse.

In my Lucky Lucky Number article I learned, to my great dismay, that my cellular phone number was UNlucky because it held four 4s and if you know anything about Chinese numerology, a 4 = Death. I have not ordered Chinese food from that guy since I learned he was mocking my “Lucky Lucky” number and not being genuine.

I love kidding around as long as I’m in on the cultural joke! So my phone number was Death x Four and even if you don’t believe in that kind of number energy, once you are made aware that dialing your phone number equals dialing death for some people, you begin to ponder the grander gestures of living where a phone number doesn’t have to kill someone when it is dialed.

Enter the cabal! When you sign up for cellular service with a new carrier you are assigned a new phone number even if you plan to use your existing phone number. Your newly assigned phone number becomes the Service Set Identifier (SSID) for the phone because when you use an old cellular number on a new service that phone number still belongs to say, Verizon, even though you’re on say, Sprint.

The SSID allows your phone to be identified by the new home cellular system and the calls to your old cellular number are forwarded by the system to your “new” cellular number that is hidden in your phone as the SSID. So you’ll always be given a new phone number with a new provider even if you are keeping your old number and there will be a slight delay in getting calls on the new system using your old number because your calls are “forwarded” to you first by the new system.

I received an email from Amazon with the two new phone numbers for our BlackBerrys (BlackBerries?) — and I was planning on keeping our old numbers and porting them over to Cingular/at&t when I decided to compare the new digits against our old numerology thread. The “system” generated these new numbers; I did not request these numbers. No one in the cabal had any idea I had a Death x Four phone number.

These new cellular phone numbers were created purely chance, Kismet, and the wonder of the energy of the world. Unless, of course, there was some other magical entity that was looking to give me, and my callers, a higher calling into the realm of the truly lucky and blessed.

I was amazed to see how well both numbers fell into all the right numerological spots! Janna’s new phone number and my new phone number are truly Super Lucky Big Numbers! On an emotional whim intended to laugh in the face of death, I decided to trash the old cellular numbers we’d held for over a decade after first moving to New York City and to go with the cabal’s newly assigned cellular numbers so we could be set free from our death chains and bring genuine luck to those who choose to call us.

As we analyze our newfound shucking of death, please keep in mind odd numbers are considered “male” (Yang) and even numbers are “female” (Yin). I don’t know if a zero is counted as an odd or even number so we’ll null them but list them. You may visit this fine site for more information. The appearance of unrepeated digits in the phone number will be ignored for evaluation.


Out of 10 digits my Yang breakdown is this: Six odd numbers Two even numbers Two Zeros Do you sense my testosterone throbbing as you read this? Feel my Yang rising! All my digits add up to 48 and that is divisible by 3 exactly one time and that is odd and good! Here’s how my phone number breaks down into number power:

I have three 9s appearing in a row at the end of the phone number:

Nine is ultimate: Is the greatest of all primary numbers because it contains the qualities of all the others. It is complete in itself and needs no other number to complement it. Nine stands for the final state of completion, the ultimate fulfillment.

I have two 5s:

Five: A very popular number in Chinese culture since it occupies the central position (one through nine) and also reflects the Five Elements Philosophy-water, gold, wood, fire and earth.

I have two 0s:

Zero: Represents nothingness, completion and God. It has no beginning and no end, but is infinite. Zero is symbolized by a circle.

I now have a Super Lucky Big Number!


Out of 10 digits Janna’s Yin analysis is this: Four odd numbers Four even numbers Two Zeros Janna’s breakdown between odd and even is even. All her digits add up to 36 and that is divisible by 3 — TWO TIMES — and that is even and excellent!

Janna has two 2s:

Two: Stands for “doubling up.” Being made up of 1 and 1, two is the number of co-operation, the balance between two opposite poles, yin and yang, man and woman. A very popular Chinese saying affirms that “Happiness comes in Twos.”

Janna also has two 0s. Janna also has two 5s. Janna now has a Super Lucky Big Number, too — though mine is slightly more Super, Luckier and Bigger!

If you are looking for some Yang to balance your Yin or some Oddness to boost your Evenness — I am but a phone call away. Dial my new digits and feel the power of getting lucky simply by using your fingers.


  1. Rainman… Superman… SuperGenius…
    Are you not big into the power of numbers, clem?
    Do you not play the ponies?
    Do you not have a lucky number?

  2. I’m not sure what my lucky number is, but my cell phone number has a nine, a one, a five, two sixes, a seven and an eight.
    My home phone number has two sevens, a one, a two, a three, a zero, and a six.
    That’s not including area code of course, 😉
    So then my cell phone number would have three sixes in it! 😯

  3. I should run my phone numbers through the lucky number check to see if they are good or if I should run out and try to get a new one.
    I knew a guy who was great with numbers when I was in school. He’d reduce everything in life to formulas. I bet if he saw the post, he’d probably give you a call to let you know he figured out your number based on the information given.
    I’m sort of jealous of people like that since I always struggled with math.
    If farmer Jones wants to fence three sides of his farm yard and only has 200 meters of chain link fence … type questions always gave me headaches. My mental answer was always hire a fencing contractor to do the work …
    Of course, having numerical awareness can be a blessing. When I last saw my mathmatically gifted friend, he said he was only working part time so that he could devote more time flying to Las Vegas to play the sports books.
    For myself, I’d never try to figure out Soduko with a pen. I know my limitations and therefore always admire those with super genius (or is it Rainman?) math skills.

  4. Oh, the Area Code counts, Carla!
    You have Super Lucky Big Number, too!
    Six must be your Lucky Number:
    Six: Sounds similar to the word “wealth” in Chinese, and therefore is considered very auspicious.
    Thanks for posting your digits for inspection!

  5. Chris —
    Yes, please provide a deep analysis of your phone number. If you need to get a new number, STAY AWAY FROM FOUR! It is a universally despised digit.
    Yeah, I bet someone cagey could figure out my number and ring me up — that’s fine — I charge $15.00 a call for sharing my good luck. I accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
    I was never a math guy, either, but this Chinese numerology thing has sparked my interest.
    I remember having a discussion with my high school algebra teacher. I was struggling with the class and I went to him for help. I said I have no idea how or why I would use these formulas in my real life after graduation. I asked him to help me understand how to make the concepts in the class less of a task and more of a joy.
    He told me that if I didn’t pass the class I’d be miserable for the rest of my life.
    That wasn’t the sort of advice I was seeking but, for Nebraska anyway, that was the kind of mentality all around: Just Shut Up and Do It.
    I never grew to find an appreciation for algebra or geometry or Sudoku.
    Ah! Sudoku! I could have done a book on it if I had just a wee bit more interest in numbers:

  6. I’m borrowing a phone right now — maybe I’ll have to adopt the number as my own.
    Here’s the breakdown. Sum of the digits = 30. Divisible by 3!
    One zero (completion and God), two ones (honor and leadership), three twos (“doubling up” and balance between yin/yang), two threes (luck), one seven (luck), and one nine (the greatest number).

  7. My old phone (which is broken and the reason I’m borrowing a phone from our “family pool”) has two fours … Maybe the fours are the reason the phone broke.
    I’m going to adopt my “backup” phone as my primary phone since I like the numbers better. Maybe it will bring me luck!

  8. Chris —
    I definitely think the two fours ganged up on your other phone and caused it to die. Even numbers, when they get together as twins, conspire to form a vicious and swarthy swarm of Yin and that damages your Yang.
    Good move keeping the luckier number set! May they bring you greater fortune in all aspects of your life!

  9. Thanks for the good wishes, David!
    I get to take over one of the phones and its account, so I’m going to take the lucky phone.
    I never really gave out my cellular number to many people, so switching numbers is pretty easy.

  10. Hi David,
    I’m so bad at math that when I used the phone number trick, I had to use the receipt tape to make sure I didn’t mess it up. The formula at the bottom of the page makes it look like it should work for any number.

  11. Hi Chris!
    Now that’s a story I love! Harr!
    I have always found those kinds of goofs “on purpose mistakes” by someone in the office looking to cause some chaos.
    The deviousness of the number 4, however, cannot be entirely dismissed in the deconstruction of the havoc wreaked.

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