What began as a Boles University direct marketing advertising campaign is now a living reality online as Boles University Dot Com!

 Boles University Logo

Why not a Boles University
website as sort of a one-stop portal for all my sites in one place?
Isn’t the greater idea of a university to bring a diversity of thoughts
under one domain? Hey, if it’s good enough for Trump, it’s good enough for Boles!

apologize for the orange logo. Orange is not my favorite color but it
was the only bright color I had left — other than pink — because all
the “better colors” were already being used in my other website

The Boles University logo
looks more like a University of Texas burnt orange than the aggressive
1980’s-era Denver Bronco “Orange Crush” look I was hoping to

Now all I need to do is create a motto, a university seal, a diploma
and a student ID card and everything else… If you have any ideas on
how to accomplish any of those tasks, let me know, and we’ll get them
enrolled online!


  1. Hi David! I am so sorry I only seem to hit you on the weekends. I do go back and read you during the week. By the time I get there you all are already so deep into it I feel like I’m intruding.
    Now “Boles University” is a pleasingly sick idea! Where do I sign up?

  2. Simmering!
    I know you’re busy and I’m happy to have you here whenever I can have you!
    Please jump in during the week — even if we’ve pounded the idea into the ground 10 different ways. New blood and a new take on what we’ve already talked about is always a great intellectual addition to this blog no matter when it happens.
    Thanks for the props (propping up?) on Boles University! Before we sign you up, we might need to put you on the curriculum committee. Ooo! Now that might be a fun thing to work into the website. We could add you and others to our information page or something…

  3. I’m happy to help. Let me know.
    You might be starting a new trend!
    Everyone will have their own *university.com domain soon!
    It’s too fun not to!

  4. Hey Simms —
    You might be right!
    “SimmeringUniveristy.com” does have a fine ring to it!
    Have you poked around the Boles University site yet?

  5. Hey I might just set up my own university domain. That could be good fun.
    Yes. I have visited Boles University. The site is pretty bare and I know you know that but others may not know that.
    I do love seeing all your sites on one page of links.
    I can see where you’re going with this.
    Your first “course task” is fun and you should have more interactive things like that there. Does this comment count for credit on that assignment?

  6. Simms —
    Ha! Yes! You accomplished your first course task. Congrats! I wish I had a t-shirt to give you or something.
    I appreciate your comments and insights and I’m definitely open to these kinds of ideas. Keep ’em coming! Yazaah!

  7. Send up the entire university system! It might take some time. Get some help. It will be fun.
    You could make that horrible “Leet” thing that was going on earlier on your blog a class or the official grading system or something equally obnoxious.

  8. This is kind of fun but don’t make it too silly. You might one day want to make it more serious for all the online teaching you do. You never know.

  9. You make an excellent point, Janna. There is a fine line between being silly and serious and even stupid. We’ll be careful.
    I still think if the tone is done just right it can be something new and different and perhaps even groundbreaking!

  10. Okay, good.
    The orange logo doesn’t bother me so much. I’m not big on orange, either, but it doesn’t look awful.

  11. The orange logo looks better on your computer than on mine.
    The orange isn’t too bad, I guess. It’s growing on me, I suppose… like a fungus!

  12. Boles University is a pretty cool idea!
    You could create subdomains for the various academic departments, such as the 1337 and Blogging departments. 🙂
    One of these days, it could be dot edu!

  13. Oh, if we could only have an address that read BolesUniversity.com.edu.gov — then we’d really own the world and sell its wide web, too!

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