Apple Shake 4.1 is a high-level Apple Shake 4.1professional digital composting tool now aimed directly at the pro-consumer market.

Shake used to be a $10,000.00 USD product. Then it was a $5,000.00 USD product. In 2004 Shake 3.5 cost $3,500.00 USD. Today you can purchase Shake 4.1 — now as a Universal Application — for around $400.00 USD.

Why was Shake so expensive? Shake was — and still is — the program professional movie production houses use to create special 2D and 3D effects. 

You can take multiple layers of images and videos and other digital
pieces and combine them together to create seamless, theatrical-quality
special effects.
If you saw the 2005 remake of the movie King Kong, your Kong was Kinged — and entirely created — in Apple Shake 4.1:

 Apple Shake 4.1

You may visit the Apple Shake 4.1 website
for more information on other movies that use Shake to create virtual
worlds and realistic unreal characters.

Amazon also has a great list of
easy-to-read features.
Shake 4.1 has terrific integration with Final Cut Studio 5.1 and you can edit in Shake and send it to Final Cut Studio 5.1 and vice versa.

 Apple Shake 4.1

This seamlessness of excellence is a powerful hallmark of Apple
hardware and software and the fact you can run Shake 4.1 on the lowly
— but always cute — 13-inch MacBook
tells you Apple is serious about helping consumers create outstanding
Why would you want to edit and create King Kong in your living room?

will answer you with another questions: Why wouldn’t you?
For the price of a plug-in you can now outright own the entirety of
Shake 4.1 and lift the polish of your work to unimagined levels of
creative perception and audience enjoyment.
Shake 4.1 uses a “node” editing view of the world where all the
“pieces” of the effect you want to make are forged by linking nodes.
You can edit the individual properties of a node. You can build filter
effects and use precise color control over the look of each node.

 Apple Shake 4.1

you have Final Cut Studio 5.1 — or if you just want to create great
effects for your movie projects — you really cannot afford not to buy
a copy of Apple Shake 4.1 and start making your dreams into a nodes


  1. I wondering about Shake. I heard about it. Didn’t know what was. You need special computer to use?

  2. Hi Leslie!
    Welcome to the blog!
    Shake is pretty amazing. It’s powerful stuff on a consumer budget. You need a Mac computer. The new Intel-version of Shake 4.1 runs great on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

  3. You’ll need a good animator first, Leslie! Then you’ll pull in all the pieces — the set, the other characters and Kong himself and use Shake to blend them all together!

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