Last year we celebrated the first-ever International NEVER Talk like a Pirate Day!

NEVER Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

We had tremendous success in casting away all things piratey.
We had very few incidents of scurvy.
We do not believe in pirating-for-profit.

We do not speak in a pirate’s tongue or even a fishy brogue.
We have banned all eye patches, mandanans, steel-hook hands, lobster-claw arms, peg-legs and parrots from this blog today.
We still allow silly hats.

Today, this blog is your safe harbor against any and all “Arrghs!” and “Ahoy Mateys!” that will inundate otherwise good blogs.
If you still feel the need to write and talk silly, we urge you to URB instead.


  1. Thurbank Heurbavens fourbr thurbat !
    Dourbes thurbis meurban I caurbn keurbep murby buurbdgie ?
    I thurbink Akurbismet miurbght haurbve eaurbten sourbmething frurbom hiurbm !

  2. Hello my beloved Nicola!
    We are hoping for “International Always URB Day!” and the WordPress world is waiting for the plugin!
    Budgie is clear. First time commenters are held in moderation and then they can post at will after that.
    Thurbanks fourbr thurbe grurbeat heurblp tourbday, Niurbcola!

  3. Myurb plurbeasure asurb alurbways.
    Piurbrates weurbre alurbways muurbch mourbre fuurbn whurben thurbey werurbe thurbe exurbception nourbt thurbe ruurble.
    Veurbry glurbad Akurbisnet diurbdnt eaurbt buurbdgie !

  4. Thurbere wiurbll beurb nourb buurbrping beurbcause ofurb buurbdgie onurb thurbis blurbog!
    I agurbree piurbrates arurbe beurbst seurben leurbss seurben.
    Piurbrates fourbrnever!
    Heurbre’s a liurbnk tourb a piurbrate faurbmily thurbat apurbpeared onurb “Wiurbfe Swurbap” onurb TVurb laurbst niurbght:
    Afurbter seurbeing thurbat faurbmily inurb acurbtion wiurbth thurbeir fiurblthy, flurbea-inurbfested hourbuse anurbd thurbeir ruurbde, cuurbrsing ofurbfspring, onurbe beurbgins tourb seurbe whurby piurbrates diurbed ouurbt asurb inurbconsiderate anurbd oburbsolete anurbecdotes tourb reurbal anurbd ciurbvilized peurbople.

  5. Ohurb, thurbis isurb sourb muurbch fuurbn!
    I wiurbsh weurb haurbd aurb WourbrdPress Plurbugin thurbat wourbuld trurbanslate inurbto URurbBrate anurbd baurbck agurbain!

  6. Hi Chris!
    D-oh! Of all the people who I thought would NOT go all Pirate on us today — was you!
    Here’s my name: “Scaliwagg Scott the Salty”
    Here’s how the translator translated “David Boles” just for fun:
    “Arrr, da’id Boles A pence for an old man o’de sea?”
    Now you see why we must stop the lunacy of the day!!!

  7. I had to go over to the pirate sites to shake things up!
    I’m never going to talk like a pirate, even though I might eat some fish tonight. 🙂

  8. International Talk Like a Pirate Day & International NEVER Talk like a Pirate Day… Neither holiday makes sense to me.
    International Talk Like a Pirate Day – If one is participating in this to expand ones mind and creativity, why limit it to one day. If to be anti-social, why invite others to play along? If just to be goofy and have fun why not endorse pirate speak at random as opposed to a date arbitrarily set by others? And why pirates? Why not Middle-English, Klingon, Gungan, Ancient Egyptian, Tribal Tongue Clicks, or some language you make up on your own?
    International NEVER Talk like a Pirate Day – While it makes sense that this day is to counteract the other holiday, it doesn’t make sense either as if one believes one should “Never Talk Like a Pirate” it should be observed year round. And I don’t agree with that either because if someone dress like a pirate for Halloween, a costume party, or a Renaissance Faire they should speak it too.

  9. A S —
    I think I need to introduce you to Fred Ressler! You have having everything and nothing and one thing means something but not that!
    The Pirate Day is all about selling books and seafood. Like Christmas, Pirates make all their booty on one day of the year and then they crawl back into the woodwork.
    The Never Talk Pirate Day is to discourage those who DO talk like a Pirate to not do it here — though that doesn’t always work. Think of it as The Fourth of July: We celebrate it once a year but we live with the fireworks of freedom all year long!

  10. Aye matey!
    Aye, tis’ a time t’ enjoy the goodness o’ the sea and eat lots o’ hush puppies!
    Ahoy! Anchor’s aweigh.

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