Ten Forty-Five

A day embedded for us all threatens evolution in reverse.

Earth Day in America

Today is Earth Day in America!

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How FTD Ruined Mothers Day

Janna and I learned a hard lesson yesterday: FTD Ruined Mother’s Day!

Incompetence has many feral fathers and its talent for boorishness is born in a variety of floral colors and indigent mothers — but when it comes to ruining Mother’s Day tomorrow — FTD barely edges out the DHL delivery service for the ultimate “I poop on you!” grand prize.

Janna and I ordered a lovely $60.00 USD bouquet for Janna’s mom in Iowa from the online flower powerhouse FTD — I’ll show you the flowers here virtually tomorrow since that’s the only way they’re ever going to be delivered anywhere — and we were incredibly disappointed to learn yesterday the flowers would not be delivered as promised. 

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Do You Celebrate Earth Day?

Today is Earth Day! How do you celebrate?
Is the earth better off today than it was when the first Earth Day was proclaimed in 1970 — have we made progress together in helping cure the earth or have we only made things worse?
Here’s the official word from the administration concerning Earth Day’s federal “Environmental Highlights:”

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Second Annual NEVER Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Last year we celebrated the first-ever International NEVER Talk like a Pirate Day!

NEVER Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

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