Today is Earth Day in America!

Have we made any progress since last year’s Earth Day?

Or has Earth Day become the new Flag Day where we just pretend to honor what we claim to love and need?

What’s the point of having a party for the world if no one attends?


  1. Picking up litter is always a good way to love the earth every single day, arin!

  2. On the one hand I like to think of every day as Earth Day, with every opportunity to do something positive for the Earth a good one.
    On the other hand I can see how Earth Day is sort of like Rosh Hashana – the time of the year when we look back on the previous year and make plans for the year ahead.
    Similarly, Earth Day could be the day to rouse people from their earth friendly slumber. I say that if even one person awakens and commits to doing everything in their power to compost, recycle, etc – it’s worth the party. ūüôā

  3. That’s a fine attitude, Gordon! I agree that if we want to care for the earth, we need to think and work on it, ACTIVELY, every single day. Many webhost providers are priding themselves on their “Green” policies when it comes to their hardware and I think that’s truly wonderful.

  4. David–I was seriously thinking about this today and didn’t even know it was Earth Day!
    I plan to ask for one of those rain barrels for Mother’s Day. I think they cost around $100 at the local agricultural center.
    I’m going to start using boxes and canvas bags for grocery shopping because those plastic bags are just not good for the environment.
    Gas is a real issue for me because I live out in the country and so I need to start conserving my trips. We’ve opted out of some travel basketball on the weekends and that should seriously cut down on gas. That’s crucial that we all cut back on gas use and don’t feed that demand.
    We’re also changing light bulbs.
    That’s a start anyway for us. We need to do more as a family, but taking realistic and small steps is the way to go anytime you’re trying to make changes.

  5. Well done, Donna. You have a fine plan. I love the new lightbulbs and the LED versions coming soon will be even better and cooler! Whole Foods in NYC gives you a dime off your bill if you bring your own bag instead of using one of theirs. I love that! It’s too bad we can’t use steam to power our cars. The technology it out there but the big gasoline companies have successfully blocked the technology from being implemented. I think those rain barrels are terrific!

  6. David,
    I know you’re not a huge fan of Oprah but I’m watching her show right now because I have some time on my hands.
    They’re talking about earth-friendly choices in honor of Earth Day.
    Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Al Gore are the guests who are obviously into the green scene big time.
    Hoping to pick up a few more tips . . .

  7. Donna — I think it’s great that stars save energy, but I prefer the more common touch. Let real people teach other real people how to save. When ecology becomes the meme of the rich and famous it becomes unattainable to the masses.

  8. I hear you loud and clear, David!
    But I will utilize a good tip wherever I can get it, rich, poor, or middle-class.
    I learned a few things from the show that I didn’t know before.
    Apparently there’s alot to know about disposing of our technological equipment. I need to research that some more because I’ve got some computer stuff that needs to go.
    Also, I didn’t know that there’s disposable paper products like cups and plates made entirely from potatoes and sugar cane that cost a few cents more to buy. I don’t know if I would buy those or just use my own china and everyday wear instead of paper exclusively.
    And I didn’t know precisely how to build a compost pile and now I do. You can put all sorts of fruits, vegetables and egg shells into your pile, but no meats fish or dairy. Basic info for some but I’ve never had a compost pile.
    So can’t find fault with the information and I guess celebrities can be people too!

  9. I’m so glad you learned some good stuff today and then shared it with us, Donna! That’s what today is all about!

  10. Gordon Davidescu sent me a lovely “Green” light bulb on Facebook yesterday to celebrate Earth Day. Thank you, Gordon!

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  15. David!
    “When ecology becomes the meme of the rich and famous it becomes unattainable to the masses.”
    that is so true! even when it is about caring for this world that we all inhabit. it becomes something that only those who are seen as privileged seem to have the luxury to think or care about and not something to do with all of us.

  16. Right, Dananjay! I think ecology is the mindset of the rich. Those who are poor and barely making it can only buy what they can afford — “green” or not — and so the economic default for affordable goods and manufacturing should be that which is most beneficial to the environment. Right now, if you want to “go green” it costs you a lot of extra money.

  17. David–Dananjay
    Since when is going green or conserving resources a rich vs. poor thing?
    I understand what you’re saying that the rich and famous have embraced this cause and they’re certainly doing some things in terms of building and construction that the average person cannot do.
    But who among us can’t use vinegar as a cleaning agent?
    Who among us can’t reuse their grocery bags?
    Who among us can’t recyle aluminum cans and paper?
    Who among us can’t get a bin and collect rainwater for watering plant’s.
    Who among us can’t use their own dinnerware instead of paper products?
    Who among us can’t take shorter showers or shut off water while brushing their teeth or shaving?
    Who can’t carpool or use public transit to save gas?
    The poor are the originators of the “going green” concept because unlike most people, they have no choice but to conserve resources.
    So, those with low resources always have the best ideas to conserve resources.
    Necessity is truly the mother of invention–

  18. Hi Donna —
    “Green” lightbulbs are often 10 times as expensive as a regular lightbulb.
    “Green” cars that run on hybrid fuels are more expensive than regular gas cars.
    Adding solar panels or wind power to an existing home is costly.
    Buying “Energy Saver” home appliances cost more than those that are less efficient.
    Sure there are small things people can do every day to improve the environment, but to get the big benefits of the latest technology, you have to have money to buy into it.

  19. David,
    but in a way it seems to even out. because the rich are the ones who are most capable of damaging the earth and so being “green” is a way for them to be good to the planet.

  20. Hi Donna,
    you’re right. i think the difference is that the poor are sometimes forced by circumstances to go green (you bathe with less water because you simply cannot afford to use more, you take public transport for the same reason) while for the rich it is a choice that they have to actively make and it can only come from within.

  21. David–It’s a shame that people have to choose less efficient technology because of cost. You’re absolutely right.
    And if you want to eat organically that’ll cost you too!

  22. Dananjay–Yes, it’s nice to be able to have a choice in all of this.
    Still I get inspired by these folks who do so much with so little.
    I live out in the country and can’t survive without a car. I sometimes dream about living downtown without a car so I can walk to work and shopping. I’d save gas, help the environment and probably be in far better physical shape!

  23. Donna!
    it’s what so many have been doing here for so many centuries!
    i also feel that in many western societies because they have had their fill of decadence, ideas like ecology are able to take root. the populations of developing nations have just about begun on that journey.

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