Science has pinched God!

Scientist Peter Higgs has found the essence of God in the universe using, of all things, the scientific method of proof:

The 40-year hunt for the holy grail of physics – the elusive “God particle”
that is supposed to give matter its mass – is almost over, according to the
leading scientist who first came up with the theory.

Peter Higgs, whose work gave his name to the elusive Higgs boson particle,
said that he was more than 90 per cent certain it would be found within the
next few years.

The Higgs boson was the professor’s elegant 1964 solution to one of the great
problems with the standard model of physics – how matter has mass and thus
exists in a form that allows it to make stars, planets and people. He
proposed that the universe is pervaded by an invisible field of bosons that
consist of mass but little else.

As particles move through this field, bosons effectively stick to some of
them, making them more massive, while leaving others to pass unhindered.
Photons, light particles that have no mass, are not affected by the Higgs
field at all.

Are we about to touch God?

How soon will this essence of God be pinched for profit for the benefit of the rich and famous?

Or will the downtrodden and the misbegotten finally be full-particle beneficiaries in a universe that has, so far, disowned them? 

Will they, at long last, be offered the healing hand of the God Particle from the palm of science and technology as they are lifted from the core of human suffering and into the warm light of a brighter world?


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