Boles University is now revamped into a more formal online teaching and learning portal. We need your help on both sides of the realm to expand its capacity for education. If you haven’t poked around Boles University in the last few days, you should go over there now and snoop around a bit — Boles College has also been added to the magical mix!

Boles University logo!

All of our courses and teaching styles are unconventional, innovative, unique and nothing like you’ve ever experienced before!


We are searching for people who would like to teach courses online at Boles University.

You do not have to have
an advanced degree — or any degree at all — to teach for us as a
member of the faculty. All you need is passion, drive, and the ability
to share what you know on a level that can be caught and understood.

More detailed information can be found on the Official Boles University Blog. Let us know here if you have any trouble hitting the blog over there.

Our online course offerings are expanding every day as our Faculty build new learning opportunities for you. Please be sure to read the Boles University blog for more information, too.

Together we enter a new realm today and we thank you for your consideration in joining us on this meaningful mission to prime the future!

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  1. Hi David,
    I’ll have to check out what’s going on at Boles U and Boles College.
    At HedgesUniversity the courses are “self-directed” for “self-starters.”

  2. I can’t seem to login to wordpress on my blackberry for some reason – alas. I wonder if there would be any courses I would be good for teaching – basics of Judaism? Elements of the laws of keeping kosher? Appreciating online comics? 🙂

  3. Hi Gordon!
    I use my Blackberry all the time to clear moderated messages and write quick replies. The biggest mistake I make in not being able to login is mistyping my password because I keep missing the ALT key. It definitely works, though.
    I like all your course ideas, Gordon! Now the question is finding people to take the class. One-on-One teaching can be extremely effective. If you want to move forward with expanding your ideas, let me know!

  4. CHRIS!
    I sent you an email related to this topic.
    In addition to the question in that email, — I hope you’ll think about working up some teaching ideas. I think there’s definitely something to be had in Running an Online Business or something related to your other sexy websites, etc….

  5. Neat idea, David! I’d do this myself if I wasn’t under contract. Online teaching is the new thing and you’re setting the edge. Good job! How much are you paying people to teach?

  6. Hi David,
    I’ll have to check my email!
    Anything I’d teach would have to be aimed at beginners, since I’m always learning as I go along and always discovering things daily. I might be learning as much as my students would be learning as I prepare for the classes. 😉
    Remote education is the wave of the future. I noticed in the circular for a local adult education program, there’s a course that is taught by computer with a remote instructor.

  7. Hi Anne!
    I appreciate any advice you might offer to help us find our way.
    There is more information on price and detail at but the real nitty-gritty hard numbers are proprietary between the faculty and me.
    Every detail will be revealed if we get at least three more faculty members to sign on to this wild idea. Then we’ll hash it all out in private in our Faculty Portal.

  8. Very nice. You can start out small and grow, David. Don’t price yourself out of the market. Your current courses might be a little high?

  9. Sure David!
    I know what I know and don’t know – both!
    Need to crystallize the ideas a little bit more – will get back!

  10. I’m finally logged in. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t logging me in on the blackberry, though. For some reason I would put in my password and then it would just reload the screen instead of logging me in. Probably something I messed up. 😮
    It would be pretty interesting as well to teach an online course in improvisational acting / theater. With a one on one context it may actually be feasible. 🙂

  11. Hi Gordon!
    I’m glad you were able to login!
    I like how you’re thinking about the online courses! You’re getting the frame and understanding the context!

  12. Hi David!
    I would love to tutor and/or teach. My background is in English literature (General), Irish Literature, Medieval Literature, writing (both critical and creative), French, Italian, Theatre/Film, and art history (Renaissance).

  13. Hi Amanda, and welcome to Urban Semiotic!
    Why don’t you send me some vital information via email concerning your educational/experience background and interests and talents?

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