Welcome to the Brave New iPhone World! To celebrate this semiotic change in memes and thinking, we are offering you the opportunity to opine with us — in essay form — on the role of technology changing the terms of our living. Are you tired of the iPhone coverage yet? Are you getting an iPhone today? If not, what’s wrong with you? If yes, what is your plan to get your hands on one?

Please choose to answer one of the three color-coded question packages below and provide in your essay comment an argument, a rationale, some logic and lots evidentiary proof of your argument.

1. Is Steve Jobs a SuperGenius or is he a huckster with his sticky fingers on the pulse on our worst intentions? In what way has Steve Jobs changed the culture of entertainment and the expectation of electronic technology?

2. Why will the iPhone revolutionize the way we think about computers, cellphones and online communication? Are touch screens the future? Is the iPhone the first, real, handheld computer?

3. The iPhone is nothing special and it is merely an expensive gewgaw with no greater meaning. The EDGE network is slow and the data plans are too expensive. The iPhone marks another declination in the ever-downward spiral of humankind and if you want an iPhone, you have a sad, internal, need to seek silliness and pout for popularity.

We thank you for your participation in helping memorialize this iPhone event-setting trend into tomorrow — even if an iPhone future isn’t wanted in the world in which you hope to live.


  1. Hi David,
    I heard someone ask if the iPhone will be banned in vehicles as drivers start to crash as they are viewing their visual voice mail and surfing the internet for traffic and maps while cruising along the Interstates at 82 MPH.
    I’ve heard that the plans are a little steep for the average consumer. But, if you are a heavy phone user, the 6000 minute plan might not be a bad deal.
    I’d personally wait until the prices come down.

  2. Chris!
    That’s funny about banning the iPhone! I don’t think it has any voice commands or embedded voice dialing features.
    The unlimited data plans are actually quite reasonable and even a little cheaper than the BlackBerry unlimited plans.
    It will be interesting to see if a million phones are sold in the first 24 hours.

  3. Hi David,
    RE: Punting down the river: Think of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and the gondolas.
    When I went to Cambridge for the Valparaiso University summer program, everyone in the group at some point or another went punting on the River Cam.
    Here’s the company where we got our chauffeured tour:

  4. Hi David,
    Not too long ago, there was a reserve punter from a college team in Colorado who tried to pull a Tanya Harding on his competition — the starting punter — by allegedly stabbing the starter in the leg.

  5. Chris!
    I remember that awful story! I have no idea what the guy was thinking! At least Tonya had someone else do the dirty work! 😀

  6. Hi David,
    This is such a fun article! I love the cartoons, especially The Wizard of Oz one. The last one about the expense of the iphone is a rude awakening. 😀
    Not being a tecnophile, I would like to answer “4,” a bit of all of the above, as noted with my comments.
    1. Is Steve Jobs a SuperGenius? Yes. We will never want anything less than the iphone.
    2. Are touch screens the future? Yes. The ability to adjust the photo by squeezing and contracting your fingers is innovative and fun.
    3. The iPhone is nothing special and it is merely an expensive gew-gaw. Yes, it is very expensive and I don’t see myself purchasing one until the price comes way down.
    There you have it. My simple essay from a nontechnophile’s perspective. I would be inclined, if awarded one, to frequently ask “What’s that thingy that does that thingy?”
    Currently, I have a basic Cingular cell, that just does the basic thing of calling and taking vmails and pictures and text messaging. I don’t have a blueberry or a blackberry or a strawberry. I get my cell practically free because Greg gets a deal through work and adding me to the plan is minimal.

  7. UPDATE:
    We’re in iPhone, Baby!
    The online store opened at 9:00pm Eastern.
    I was able to place two 8gig phones, two Bluetooth headsets and two belt clip things into my shopping cart before the entire store died at 9:06pm from being overwhelmed by orders.
    At 9:14pm, the store came back alive — sort of — and I was able to complete my order. It took a good 10 minutes to get all those secure pages to load but, load they finally did, and the purchase was complete!
    Delivery is expected in “2-4 Weeks” — but I think everything will ship much sooner than that if history is a judge. I shall keep you posted! 😀

  8. Hi David,
    Happy i-phone day!
    I think “i-phone” is an amazing mix of technology, style and élan. It is “today”. Yes, I think it is an ultimate revolution in the world of communication.
    Though the current version can’t capture a video, or doesn’t have the option of speed dial or voice recognition and it’s a little bit difficult to save someone’s number or search the same as the phone is buttonless – but may be the future version will have it all!
    A part of me feels that it is backed up by a huge hype – well any new gizmo is!
    I can’t afford it right now, but even if I could…would I buy it? I am not sure.
    In my mind, any kind of “hype” lacks exclusivity…
    I am bit Nokia-blind, my current one is a Nokia – if I could I will probably upgrade to a Nokia 8800-Sirocco edition.

  9. Hi Katha!
    It will be interesting to see how well the iPhone does over the next few months. Was it a flash-in-the-pan or a tremendous, milestone-setting success?

  10. Hi David,
    I think it is going to be a “milestone -setting” instrument as far as communication and “sales” goes.
    There will be many changes in the phone according to the market demand – only to make it better.

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