What is about Southern Democrat men and their Nancy Boy Haircuts? We are quite familiar with Bill Clinton’s $200.00 USD haircut on an airport tarmac — it has become a legend unto itself as part of a Harvard University lecture note on grammar — but the Nanciest Boy of them all is John Edward and his two $400.00 USD coiffings and his frosting by his YouTube follicle futzing.

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported John Edwards spent $1,200.00 USD on a haircut:

The Beverly Hills hairstylist, a Democrat, said he hit it off with then-Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina at a meeting in Los Angeles that brought several fashion experts together to advise the candidate on his appearance. Since then, Torrenueva has cut Edwards’s hair at least 16 times.At first, the haircuts were free. But because Torrenueva often had to fly somewhere on the campaign trail to meet his client, he began charging $300 to $500 for each cut, plus the cost of airfare and hotels when he had to travel outside California. Torrenueva said one haircut during the 2004 presidential race cost $1,250 because he traveled to Atlanta and lost two days of work.

Should John Edwards just drop out of the presidential race right now and spend more of his time and money on brushing and combing?

How can any good man vote for another man who pays more for a haircut than most people spend a month on their mortgage?

Can Edwards recover from his hair?

Should Edwards shave his head?

Was the awful Ann Coulter right all along when she called John Edwards a “faggot?”

How much do Republicans spend on their hair care?


  1. Hi David,
    It’s so crazy that candidates like Edwards and Clinton are trying so desperately to relate to “real” Americans and then you have Edwards’ $400 plus haircuts and Clinton’s $200 plus Magli shoes.
    Was Coulter right in calling Edwards the f-word? That’s insane. The NY Times report that she said it was a joke, that she would never insult gays by calling them that, that it would be mean, well, there might be some truth to that.
    I would think most gays would be offended that she would compare them to Edwards, and I don’t think most gays would be caught dead with Edwards’ hair.
    Here is a link to “trendy gay haircuts,” and they don’t resemble Johnny boy’s.

  2. Hi David,
    I’m glad you’re covering this story because $1250 x 12 = $15000. That’s 2000 hours at $7.50/hour. There are many people who are earning $1250 before taxes who can’t even relate to ever being able to even consider having a haircut that equals their monthly wages.
    Even a family earning $100,000 a year couldn’t afford to squander money like Edwards is on silly haircuts! After all, the family would only be able to get 80 haircuts at the price, not considering that a sizable chunk of their annual salary would be gobbled up for taxes that pay Edwards’ salary.
    Edwards is out of touch with real Americans if he feels that he must have $1250 haircuts. He’s just a smarter version of Paris Hilton — another person who can’t relate to the troubles of common people.

    I love that link, too!
    I can’t imagine ever voting for anyone who pays $1,200 for a haircut. And he’s supposed to be “Of the People?” People, please! 😀
    Ann repeated her “faggot” insult on the Chris Matthews show last week so she isn’t shy about calling Democrats gay and sissyboys.

  4. Chris!
    I agree! Edwards needs to go back home. It’s over now. He’ll be ridiculed on all the late night shows tonight and it will never stop. He’s a fraud. He’s a millionaire boy pretending to understand the division of “Two Americas.” Ha!
    The only way to try to beat it now is to shave his head. That nullifies the issue and he can come out as a “reformed man” who saw the light of his ridiculousness.
    I wonder if Republicans pay their barbers to keep quiet? Edwards’ biggest mistake is hiring people who blab. I’m sure Mitt pays a lot of money to have that perfect hair!

  5. David,
    You mean to tell me that not only did Edwards pay $1200 for a haircut, but he paid $1200 for that haircut?!?!
    If I ever paid more than $100 for a haircut it better make me look like blasted Helen of Troy.

  6. Emily!
    Yes. He paid that much — but the price included travel expenses for two days — SIGH! Edwards should just get his hair cut wherever he is and stop flying in expensive people! I thought his wife was smarter than that!
    I think the most Janna paid for a style was $200 at Vidal Sassoon in NYC. That included color, though, and it was for a special occasion.

  7. Avatars:
    Ooo! Emily! Your avatar looks good big!
    Donna is here, too! Huzzah!
    Chris — I see your updated Avatar in the comments but not on the sidebar yet. It must take a little while for the sidebar Avatars to update. I wonder if they’re on a different server?

  8. Hi David,
    I’m afraid before this presidential candidate mudslinger is over, details will be revealed about both, Republican and Democrat, that will show very few are “of the people.”
    Now if we could just find out some of those details– who did Obama’s “bun tuck” and Hillary’s “collagen lips” and Giuliani’s “hair implants,” we could sell the juicy details to the tabloids and afford Magli shoes and Torrenueva haircuts. 😀

  9. Hi David,
    My sidebar updated right after I changed it … maybe it hasn’t migrated to all of the various WP servers?
    When I was an intern in D.C. working for free for an interest group, I used to go up to the congressional barber shop inside the halls of Congress (in the basement). The haircut was quick and inexpensive.
    Illinois’ Rep. Peter Roskam (R-6th) was on WLS-AM radio this morning when he was asked how much he paid for his haircuts. He advised $13.

  10. David,
    I smell the same stench that emanated from the pants lawsuit. A hairstylist being compensated for time, travel, hotel accomodations and lost work? When there was undoubtedly a local barber shop right down the street? Bleh.
    The most I’ve paid for a cut was $150. That included a cut, three colors, a special scalp massage, and an extra charge as my hair was down to my waist and required extra dye. And it was for a special occasion also.
    Does Janna have long hair or short hair? How much does she usually pay for a cut?

  11. You’re right, Donna! You have to be rich and privileged today to even try to make a run at higher office. I just get sickened when someone like Edwards bases his whole campaign on “There are two Americas…” well he’s living in the one in power and is only pretending to care about the other.
    We will probably get all the gory details about all of them soon, and I think we’re better for it… let’s know their peccadilloes so we can make a true assessment of each of them.

  12. Chris!
    Hmm… I don’t see your sidebar avatar updated here yet and I keep forcing a refresh of the page… very inter-esting…
    $13 might be a bit high to some people! Local NYC politicians were bragging about ther $8 haircuts at the local barbershop! 😀

  13. Ugh, Emily! The pants lawsuit. That outraged me so much I couldn’t even think about it without going crazy.
    Edwards thinks he’s a movie star and wants the perks of a “stylist” than a “barber.” He just doesn’t get it. He’ll pull some sorry stunt like getting a local $8 haircut from some “poor person” to show what a great guy he is but it won’t work. The stink is sticking to him.
    Janna is growing her hair out now so she doesn’t get it cut and styled very often. When she travels to Iowa to visit her family she goes to a local place there because the stylist knows ASL and it’s easy to communicate. I think the cut and style is under $25.

  14. Hi David,
    I pay $10.99 plus a $2.50 tip where I go. There are a couple of barber and beauty colleges in my area that do haircuts for $5.00 since the students are learning.
    Maybe John Edwards can revive the Select Committee on the House Beauty Shop (1967-1977)? He could be its chairman. :mrgreen:
    It’s 181 on this list of congressional committees. Notice on that list that there was a Select Committee on Committees I and Select Committee on Committees II. I wonder who was assigned to the committee on committees?

  15. Hi David,
    I wonder if the scandal at the Senate Barber Shop caused John Edwards to pay inflated haircut prices in an attempt to offset the government funds that were “wasted” at the government-run barbershop in D.C.?

    Armed with figures showing that the Senate Barber Shop and the Beauty Salon have lost $1.8 million in taxpayer funds over the last five years, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa) is pushing for the chamber to follow the House and privatize the operations, according to GOP sources.

    Edwards is just paying restitution by overpaying.

  16. Chris!
    You have a good price for a haircut! I have very boring hair so I let Janna cut mine for free. Cutting my hair is not a highlight of any of her days. 😉
    I think John SHOULD join that committee! He might learn the real value of a dollar!
    He should take that $1,200 and say he’s going to pay the rent of a poor family for a month every month for the rest of his life instead of spending it on a haircut. Now that might do some real good.

  17. Crazy, Chris!
    They should shut down all those silly political perks. Let everyone pay what the rest of us pay. That’s the most fair.

  18. Hi David,
    My wife has volunteered to cut my hair, but I’ve never been brave enough to ever try that. My oldest son and I go out to get our hair cut together — thus the $2.50 tip — a $5 bill for both haircuts. My wife does cuts our youngest son’s hair, however.
    If John Edwards were to become the most powerful man in the universe, he could go hog wild spending for all sorts of beauty spa treatments. Guys dropping loads of money for make-up isn’t unprecedented if we take a look over at “Old Europe” — the place that has spawned all of the “Gay or European” internet quizzes.

    And there is Irish premier Bertie Ahern’s look. In June 2005, the Independent reported that Mr Ahern had spent £19,000 on make-up in the past year alone. Since 1997 Mr Ahern’s appearance had cost taxpayers 167,000 euros (£115,895).

    Emphasis added.
    A quarter of a million US dollars is pretty excessive — even if it is for the Irish premier’s make-up and other beauty treatments!

  19. Hi Chris!
    If your hair has simple needs, your wife will be able to do a fine job! I never cared much about my hair so if something slips and too much is taken off, I really don’t care.
    I am frighteningly good at the Eurotrash/Fag game you linked! Does that make me prescient or experienced? :mrgreen:
    I wonder if all that makeup money was really for spray-on tan treatments?

  20. Hi David,
    It’s pretty scary that you’re good at that game. I found that link in a post about someone writing about her sister’s “gay” husband from Europe who was always setting off people’s “gaydar.”

    Roger, being British, and having trendy facial hair and clothes, set off several people’s gaydar. At one point, Dan and Doug whispered to me “are you sure he’s not gay?” and I replied, “no, he’s not gay, he’s European” …

    I’ve never looked at a picture of the Irish Premiere. I wonder if he’s been spraying on the suntan? That could account for a lot of the cost, if that’s the case.

  21. Chris!
    Heh! Remember I was raised in the theatre and I’ve lived in the NYC metro area for 20 years — those places are hotbeds for both of those sorts of folk and they absolutely do all have a very specific look and feel you learn to immediately recognize. Remember recognizing stereotypes is vital to survival in the urban core. I think we discussed that in a previous article, didn’t we?
    I’m voting for spray-on tan — according to the silly Sunset Tan show on E! people drop $1,500.00 USD a session to tan and take home “follow up” products!

  22. Ha! Love that link, Katha!
    Yes, $1200! Ridiculous! Un-live-a-downable!
    I think the stylist gave away the secret — and that’s the trouble with secrets… they always come out!

  23. Yes, there are lots of stories like “Aesop’s fables” in our language that compared a barber with a fox…you know why! 😀
    Can we tell the same thing about a “hair stylist” today???

  24. An article based on the stories with enough translation to make it clear to those who are unfamiliar with the stories! Your analysis is the important part, though. What do you think of the stories and what do they mean and how have their meanings changed.

  25. Kathakali!
    you’re right about the bowl cut! and i believe you can still get one for about thirty rupees. check out my avatar for more! 🙂

  26. Kathakali, same here!
    and for those who might not know this, the style – and it’s only a style if you can say it with a straight face – got its name from the bowl that was put on your head, while the barber merrily trimmed away all the hair he could reach!

  27. Illinois’ governor has come under fire for paying $600 for a makeup artist using state funds.
    Of course, that’s less expensive than it costs for him travel back and forth from Chicago to Springfield during the budget crisis because he doesn’t want to live in the state’s capital city.

    As Illinois inches toward a budgetary crisis, taxpayers this month have been spending almost $6,000 a day, several days a week, to fly Gov. Rod Blagojevich from his Chicago home to his Springfield office and back, records show.
    The total bill in the past month may be as high as $75,000, the records indicate.

    Maybe Blago will be tapped as Edwards’ running mate — they both seem to have expensive tastes and like the finer things in life. :mrgreen:

  28. Hi David,
    I must have had too many politician’s names in my last comment because it was captured by Akismet! A pol was caught spending taxpayer dollars for makeup!

  29. I can’t believe ANY elected official would spend so freely and so wantonly!
    It’s good we have them all on the record, though. Now we know who to watch!

  30. Hi David,
    We need to watch all of the pols closely. Blago is interesting because his politically connected father-in-law “broke bad” on him. That’s never a good sign when people inside your own party and family members go on the attack.

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