You know you’ve hit the Big Time on the Internet when people start clinging to you by writing about you on their blogs, sending you email and talking about you on other people’s websites without your direct intervention or knowledge.

Sometimes your fans are kind.

Oftentimes your former sycophants are cruel.

You then take the good with the bad — the admiring with the obsessed — and find pleasure and peace in knowing they are all propagating the brand, creating a buzz and keeping your name and your presence out there in the world for everyone else to read and then discover the truth of you on their own; thus creating a whole new gang of friends and foes who will willingly and unwittingly perpetuate your growing circle of fame and power.

Love the lovers; love the haters — and take no reality from either.


  1. I guess you’ve hit the big time David :-).
    Good advice too…..”Love the lovers; love the haters — and take no reality from either.”

  2. Hi NatzG!
    Great to see you here! Yes, I suppose the good thing about inspiring others to write about you is that they propagate the very thing they don’t like if they are writing nasty things.
    The good publicity we always love — but the bad publicity brings more fame and more new fans because people are always curious to know what drives the insane into public madness.

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