What is the nature of wealth, power and wisdom?  I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Why do so many people fear the truth?

People are frightened of honesty because truths are revealed. The danger in truth is that it wounds with indisputable facts. If you’re unprepared in life to deal with the reality surrounding you — it’s better to not know and to never ask.

People are fearful of change and they remedy that wound by hiding:

They rot in the darkness — but those folks are easy to control with lies and threats and so they do serve the suspicious ends of the wealthy and powerful.

Is it possible those who hide have value beyond the graves of their lives?  Are they able to recognize the limits they self-impose on their being or not:

They will only realize when they’ve been exploited enough or changed so deeply in their core they have no other option but to face their own mortality. The mark of the elderly is they are forced to face the possibility of the absolute end of being every day and that forcible truth-telling gives them tremendous wisdom. I don’t know many elderly people of sound mind who are fooled by life. That’s why age is dangerous.

Are the elderly dangerous instead of disposable?

The wealthy and powerful crave the young because they are malleable and feel immortal. Those two features make them perfect fodder for all sorts of projects.

I do think the discrimination against the elderly is because — they know too much — and you can’t fool them or play them or take them on a fanciful ride. They’ll just stare back at you because they’ve already been around that block.

So we demonize the elderly and lock them up and keep them just poor enough and just medicated enough that they aren’t dying but they also aren’t a threat to the current power system because their wisdom always outweighs the public folly.

I have an internal theory that the whole drive to look younger and lose the wrinkles and dye the hair is actually an innate defense mechanism to look dumber and less threatening to those in power who are younger than you. Keeping your age and your wisdom a secret can be a great benefit for those in the know.

There is great value in living — and the longer we live the less we know — because knowing is always fluid and changing and you only get that realization when you’ve lived through the vulgarity of that universal truth.

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