It’s always disappointing when a writer has their work censored by an editor.  One should always be wary of publishers that value editors more than authors.

How do you handle the wants and desires of an editor with an obvious internal agenda who wishes to wound and harm the project with false self-elevation, political correctitude and sanctimonious righteousness?

Is it possible to separate the writing from the author? Or are all publications un-cleavable from the whole of a writer because all parts of being divine the persona and cast the public capacity for sharing thoughts and dreams on the page and in the air?

When one censors the work of an author — in any capacity and for whatever reason or for whichever cause — one merely achieves the ordinary over the special while encouraging mediocrity over magnitude and passion and the end result is lowest-common-denominator publishing where nothing substantial is learned and everything everlasting is lost.

Authors may not win censorship battles — but we must always be vigilant and fight and be unbowed and unapologetic for writing the truth as we know it and for providing the reality of the world as we live it — even if our verity is unwanted.

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