Writers can have a hard time getting paid.

Agents can help you get paid, but that isn’t always a reliable remedy.

You not getting paid means those downstream of you don’t get paid and that causes a lot of trouble for you as an author trying to eke out a living in a world that demands upfront money.

There are several ways to help guarantee you get paid in a timely manner.

  1. Tie your deadlines to getting paid first.
  2. Get as much upfront money as you can.
  3. Break up your deadlines into smaller amounts: 2 deadlines are better than 4.
  4. Withhold your deadline work if your are not paid per your contract.

Contracts exist for a reason — and if you break the contract on your side, punishments will be invoked — you can, and must, have the same, opposite remedy. 

If you are not paid on time then you have the right to be healed. 

Make sure there are contractual parameters in place that frame your payments and what happens if those payments are late. 

If you are financially punished for missing a deadline — then it is only fair those paying you are financially wounded  as well if they do not pay you on time.

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