Oprah Winfrey gave away $2.1 million dollars worth of junk to 300 people in the audience of her popular television program.

In all, Oprah lavished more than $7,000 worth of gifts on each of the 300 people who wrote in and got tickets to the show, believing the topic was going to be American hometowns.

Audience members broke down into tears and were visibly shaking after Winfrey, who laid on her southern drawl for the entire show, popped the surprise that she had arrived to present them with her “favorite” holiday gifts.

We are, frankly, disgusted by this luscious and lascivious display of lewd wealth upon the common and ordinary from the current self-inflicted arbiter of good taste and mannerisms, Ms. Winfrey:

Among the $2.1 million in items were refrigerators with built-in high definition TVs, HD camcorders, watches, cosmetics, orange sorbet and, as has become her custom, UGG boots.

The products also seemed to plug the Oprah brand more than a little.

The basket included copies of a lifestyle book being published by O magazine, her new Oprah Book Club selection and a DVD set of Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” series, which she devoted a show to earlier this year.

What are we to take away from this grotesque display of the unimportant and the trivial?

Ms. Winfrey unfortunately publicly supports alleged plagiarists while condemning creativity and for that, we are happy to condemn her excesses and to mock her sycophant audience pretending to be of the common interest and for the people.

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