Happy Valentine’s Day?

Watch out watch out Valentine’s Day is upon us. Be prepared to be visually assaulted by all things pink and red, by images of hearts and cupids and flowers and all things romantic slushy and sentimental.

Be prepared to pay over the odds for flowers, chocolates and meals out and heaven help you if you have not already pre-ordered your red roses or your heart balloon.

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Love by the Calendar: Grift in the Holidays Scam

Janna and I aren’t big on formal gift giving.  We have a saying that is frequently expressed in our marriage: “Every day is your birthday.”  That doesn’t mean we’re wild spenders — or that giving a “gift” to each other requires spending money — but it does change our perspective on the “Mandatory Holidays” that drive greeting card sales and generate increased prices for dining out while lowering prices on consumer goods like clothing.

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The Present of Presence

I have a friend that works for an internet retailer as the manager of the customer service department. Let us call him Lando: I am quite fond of that name thanks to the character from the Star Wars movies — we can put aside the issue of Lando Calrissian’s being snubbed on most posters for the movies on another day — Lando told me that, as the days numbering down to the winter holidays have quickly dwindled, the number of angry callers has grown exponentially.

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Oprah Winfrey as Benevolent Dictator

Oprah Winfrey gave away $2.1 million dollars worth of junk to 300 people in the audience of her popular television program.

In all, Oprah lavished more than $7,000 worth of gifts on each of the 300 people who wrote in and got tickets to the show, believing the topic was going to be American hometowns.

Audience members broke down into tears and were visibly shaking after Winfrey, who laid on her southern drawl for the entire show, popped the surprise that she had arrived to present them with her “favorite” holiday gifts.

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Beware the Proclaimed Genius

If genius is born in collective ciphers then we need to be wary of those who proclaim their solitary and self-important Genius.

The Self-Indulgent Genius is a warning sign that kowtowing and deference are expected in any exchange of memes or communicative dyads — and to not show deference is to be scorned and mocked and wanted smaller.

When Genius is dealt to you — respect it and honor it and keep it quiet unless and until it is discovered by others — and always run from those who foretell their own place in history by trumpeting a quiet gift.