Watch out watch out Valentine’s Day is upon us. Be prepared to be visually assaulted by all things pink and red, by images of hearts and cupids and flowers and all things romantic slushy and sentimental.

Be prepared to pay over the odds for flowers, chocolates and meals out and heaven help you if you have not already pre-ordered your red roses or your heart balloon.

Valentine’s Day is the second largest commercial date on the calendar for those in the stationery and candy markets. An anonymous card will no longer suffice, there has to be chocolates flowers maybe a teddy bear and balloons, a romantic date or even a Spa weekend away. Gone are the simple times where you would secretly post and unsigned enigmatic card to your person of choice leaving them in a state of wonderment and questioning for the month following.

Do mothers still send each of their children a Valentines card to make sure they got at least one? Do people ask their friends in other cities to post their Valentines card for them so it adds an air of mystery?

Do children still have class projects where they lovingly fashion hand drawn cards for their mothers?

Or has rampant commercialism taken over completely?

I have all the cards my children have made me over the years – I could not bear to part with the cards — some of the artwork had to go, but the cards remain. They tell a story all of their own.

Do any of you have special Valentine Day rituals — do you always go to a certain restaurant, have a special meal at home — or even ignore it altogether as a matter of principle?

My favourite Valentine’s Day memory was of one spent with my last partner. We were particularly short on cash at that time and had agreed to no money wasted on cards and we had spent a quiet day at home. Early evening I was led upstairs and into the bathroom, where a bubble bath had been prepared for me surrounded by candles. That simple loving gesture has remained in my memory far longer than any card or box of chocolates.

Do you have special memories of V day — were you proposed to on this day — did you get married on this day?

Are you doing anything special today? Or is it a normal day for you?

I am being taken out on a mystery trip and a picnic lunch and have been promised fresh prawns for dinner tonight – we will be making memories in a different way today – just like we try to every day, because what really counts is the love that binds you together each and every day 365 days a year and not just on February 14th.

Have a wonderful day, whoever you are with and whatever you are doing and if you are out and about smile, open a door, let a car into traffic, pick up some litter and share some love and human kindness around to everyone.


  1. I love the cynical bluntness of it all, Nicola — and then you surprise us with a lovely heart ending!

    We have never been big on celebrating forced holidays based on selling you stuff. Our philosophy is “Every day is Valentine’s Day!” — and so on! SMILE!

    1. There is a much used cliche – “reason for the season” we should strip out the commercialism and remember that , not just on that day but all the year around. I am sure the world would be a far nicer place if we did so.

        1. the short answer is that we dont…………… but there are loads of easily led sheep out there that do. They are backed up by the media who then try and tell us what is and is not acceptable to give and receive and when to give and receive it !

          1. Yes, that’s the most fascinating part of it all — there are masses of people out there waiting and willing to be led around by the nose.

            Santa Claus in the USA is pretty much a 100% invention of the Coca-Cola Company. Shameful!

          2. just when did people lose the ability to think for themselves – when did our education system change from encouraging individual thought and expression to following the press and the media blindly?

            Do not get me started on that one – I have put the soap box away for today.

          3. I think the intention and intention is to always follow — people are too scared of being left out to go their own way.

            Now we have your next article topic!

  2. Elizabeth and I have our own special day — February 15th, when all of the cards and chocolates and other nonsense are on sale! 🙂 Hope your prawns are fresh and delicious!

    1. Grand idea Gordon – I know several people who have their Christmas on the date that the three kings gave their gifts – that means they can buy all their Christmas presents are bought in the sales ! Was surprised by lunch in a restaurant – 2 huge charcoal grilled prawns were sublime and we have the others in the fridge for later.

  3. My girlfriend and I aren’t doing much this year either. we’ll probably spend more time together on our “montherversary” on the 25th then we will today on anniversary.

  4. I travelled back to Hyderabad from Mumbai on the V-day night, late night actually – because of a delayed flight. It was a hectic working day/ night/ week for me. And I had an extremely talkative, loud. noisy co passanger beside me.

    On a different note, if you love someone, you will love him/ her/ it etc. everyday…. sometimes may be less, some day may be more. If you want to celebrate your togetherness, do that spontaneously…. why wait for the calendar to prompt? 🙂

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