Never as Sweet as the Memory

As I get older, I notice that things I once loved, and remembered with a philosophic passion, no longer measure up to the memory in reality. With the resurrection of old TV shows in expanded reruns on new cable channels like MeTV, old childhood favorites like “Wonder Woman” and “The Carol Burnett Show” and “The Incredible Hulk” are bitter comparisons to what they used to be in memory.

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Happy Valentine’s Day?

Watch out watch out Valentine’s Day is upon us. Be prepared to be visually assaulted by all things pink and red, by images of hearts and cupids and flowers and all things romantic slushy and sentimental.

Be prepared to pay over the odds for flowers, chocolates and meals out and heaven help you if you have not already pre-ordered your red roses or your heart balloon.

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Wired Covers a Chocolate Urban Jesus

We love the re-gifting ability of the Internet.  It was our delight and surprise to learn today liked our Urban Semiotic article — What to Do With a Naked Chocolate Jesus — enough to link it from their article on Bioartists… way back on December 13, 2007 as you can see in the screenshot below.  The Urban link from April 2, 2007, is the last words in the last sentence:

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The Risk of Collective Google Intelligence

Google is tracking your every sniffle and sneeze beyond just the general health of your body.  If you aren’t feeling well — and i fyou have the flu, and if you happen to chance upon Google to help you find a remedy — your want to feel better is indexed, quantified, and panopticonically reported to the CDC by Google.

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Which Came First: The Jesus or The Egg?

We know there is a Naked Chocolate Jesus hanging around, in situ, waiting to be eaten or melted. While his future hangs in the balance, I was led to wonder on a twist to the age old conundrum.
Which came first, The Jesus or The Egg?

What do you think?
Did chocolate Easter Eggs come first, or did Jesus in Chocolate come first?

What to Do With a Naked Chocolate Jesus?

It was announced last Friday the Naked Chocolate Jesus art exhibit was cancelled due to protests from the Catholic Church. I was surprised at the church’s revulsion with Jesus in any art form. You can already buy chocolate Marys and Jesuses online.

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The Great American Toothache Diet

I have discovered a way to lose six pounds in three days. The process is simple, if painful, and I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of teeth. I suffer from having a “meat trough.” If you don’t know what it means to have a meat trough, then color yourself lucky and move along! 

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