We know there is a Naked Chocolate Jesus hanging around, in situ, waiting to be eaten or melted. While his future hangs in the balance, I was led to wonder on a twist to the age old conundrum.
Which came first, The Jesus or The Egg?

What do you think?
Did chocolate Easter Eggs come first, or did Jesus in Chocolate come first?


  1. Happy spring, David. I vote for the egg first. From your picture it looks like chocolate Jesus was inside.

  2. Hi David,
    I think the eggs were around first — or maybe “Peeps” candies?
    To quote a Lutheran friend from my law school days: “Happy Resurrection Day.”
    I’d say “Happy Spring” also, but we are still waiting for global warming to kick in around here before we can put any plants out without worrying they’ll freeze at night. :mrgreen:

  3. I want this “Happy Spring” wish to be true…literally! We had a blizard in Fargo last week – no more!!! I am ready for Summer!!!

  4. Welcome to Urban Semiotic, dementia!
    I’m sure chocolate Jesus is made from the finest chocolate available — I mean he’d have to be, right? 😀

  5. Hi Chris!
    The weather certainly is crazy. We were in shorts weather here for about a week and now we’re back in the freezer.
    I’m beginning to thinks the eggs came first, too. The Peeps must be post-egg, too, for obvious reasons! 😀

  6. I remember, I didn’t step out from my house for 2 days because of a heat wave…but I don’t want this damp, cold freezing weather anymore either!

  7. In the UK, chocolate easter eggs have been around a very long while. Brother and I always looked forward to Easter, Mum always gave us the option chocolate easter egg or the money for Easter.
    Usually picked the eggs as I really like them. Luckily there are stores here in the US that stock English food and I sometimes get the chocolate eggs.

  8. Hi Katha —
    I can handle damp, cold, weather much better than I can the super hot stuff. I can say the same for my food — but never for my women! :mrgreen:

  9. Well, this is the first Easter that’s felt like spring, but I guess that’s because I’m in the UK. They have these beautiful looking chocolate eggs in the store windows – but they are expensive, and I’m happy eating Cadbury creme eggs. mmmmm. So good. They sell them in packages of eight, four, and singles here. And they have bars of different kinds of Cadbury chocolate here too. mmm.
    I haven’t seen any peeps though, but back home they seem to be becoming a ‘holiday’ thing instead of an easter thing. But I do miss bitting the ears off the bunny ones. Ah, sugary goodness.
    But actually, Jesus came before the chocolate egg – chocolate first came from Mezo-American cultures and was taken back to Europe by the Spanish. Oh wait – but chocolate eggs before chocolate Jesus, definitely.

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