In a recent article — Rise of Radical Religiosity in Representative Democracies — I argued that the purpose of the religious right and conservative politicians is to punish the humble majority by provocatively creating false fears:

Protecting Children and Fighting Evil — those are two topics where we are forced to surrender our civil liberties in the grand stretch of being good citizens — and governmental powers know this and exploit those two ideals for their own darker demands.  If you stand up and say, “Waitaminute!” you are branded a pornographer and an infidel. 

Children should not be imaged on the internet or allowed to surf without direct parental control until the age of majority.  What’s the rush?  Make friends in person first.  Practice your social skills with your family.  Create a place in reality for yourself first before going virtual.  Then, once you’ve learned to read people in person you can work on the harder task of “reading” them on the web. 

The web has become a series of insane cul-de-sacs where those with vested interests create their own truths outside of an unbended reality and they claw and scratch each other trying to prove they are right and the rest of the world is mad.  This is the path of the familiar the hate mongers with political ties.

Kids are too set on growing up too fast and the parents let them grow up and shoot away because it is the easier, selfish, path where they no longer wish to be bothered with a life that is not their own even though they, The Parents — in one of the original and native acts of “power labeling” — named their kids but failed to provide expectation.

Good people need to stand up against bad intentions and truly evil ideas that are conceived and bred in the fallow minority.

If we fail to fight unfair persecution in every instance, our morality is made shallow and our meekness in the face of The Wrong Thing begins to tragically define us, our neighbors, and our nation.