Two days before Thanksgiving, fantasy wrestler Hulk Hogan’s wife Linda
filed for divorce proving, once again, that’s the thanks the Hulk gets
for providing for all the needs of a family for over two decades.

believe the Hogan divorce has been impending for over a year as Linda
wanted a younger, more vibrant man, while the Hulk just wanted to stay
settled down to enjoy the life he earned in the entertainment ring.

think the divorce is a ploy to financially protect the family from a
lawsuit filed by son Nick’s best friend — who is still in a coma after
Nick crashed a car they were illegally drag racing on the common
streets.  Nick has been arrested for the crime while the Hogans blame
the victim for his injuries because he was not wearing a seat belt.

think the crash and the divorce are continued payback from an
entertainment life falsely built upon the fantasy of professional
wrestling and the ongoing aftereffects of choking out Richard Belzer on live television.  We cannot hide from our deeds or demons.