We wish you all the best this holiday season.

We hope you enjoy your day.


  1. Such a lovely day for in your face not appropriate behaviour. I’m on the train coming back from portland. Man in queue for breakfast asks the woman in front of him what religion she is, presumably due to a not satisfying answer in relation to holiday greetings. I didn’t hear what she said but he had never heard of it and it went downhill from there, with him asking at some point if she didn’t believe in baby j’s birthday. How nice of him.

  2. That’s an excellent point, Gordon. I just read an online discussion that said, “All the people you see on live TV today are ‘The Jews’ because that’s the only time they can get on air.”
    Wowser! Such hatred for so early in the morning and for what is supposed to be one of holiest days of the year on the Christian calendar.
    I read about your great trip to Portland. I know many people who believe it is the best American City in which to live: Excellence in transportation, the Arts and civic beauty.
    You should honor your urge and move there awhile — if you can find a job; the market there is tough and competitive — and check it out for your happiness longevity before you come all the way back here forever. 😀

  3. Happy holidays to you, David! Dont you just love the falling snow? Ive added mine and they looked just so oh! at home with the christmas trees!

  4. Hiya Hanie!
    Thanks for the good wishes! I share them right back with you, my dear friend!
    Yes, the falling snow is delightful and it’s just enough that it’s “there” without being distracting. I bet a darker blog makes it even more visible than it is here.

  5. I missed this yesterday 🙁
    Seasons greetings to you and yours. I love the picture you have chosen.
    I just love the snow from WP 🙂
    (It does look good against the dark background)

  6. Hi Nicola!
    Thanks for the good seasonal wishes! I, too, love that artwork. Janna found that image on a greeting card when we first moved to NYC so many years ago. It was the first time she’d ever seen a “multi-cultural” card that included angels of more than just “pale-skinned” type.
    Later that year she found a card with Asian angels, and a Black Santa Claus and other wonderful images that she’d never seen outside the lily-white Midwest when it came to finding the right card for the right person.
    I love the WP snow, too, but as I’m writing this to you and I see white flecks falling over my text I keep thinking I’m having a Floaters and Flashers outbreak! 😉

  7. Janna has a very good eye.
    My uncle had a similar knack for finding such images at Christmas – his cards were always multi-cultural (and multi -coloured).
    Eeeks to the floaters and flashers – an unexpected side effect.

  8. Yes, Janna was raised in a devout Christian household so the ideas of Angels and Jesus and all that are held in paintings on the walls in her childhood home and they were framed in traditional, Caucasian, pigments.
    To discover there were “differing interpretations” on God and Christ and holiness was a journey she really took to and enjoyed in the discovery of other cultures and sacred images.
    Yes, the snow is making me wonky — sometimes if floats that way and the next minute it’s going the other! 😀

  9. Another illusion shattered ……….
    I came across another name for the holiday season today – Mythmas – I quite like that.

  10. Ha! And when I say “I’m wonky,” I say that to throw off all the wackos who still read this blog and take notes. 😉
    “Mythmas” is delightful! Have a link?
    Here’s a fascinating debate between Christopher Hitchens and Denish D’Souza on the meaning of God and religion in society:

  11. The debate is on video! Play it and listen to it while you do other things. It’s quite grand. I downloaded it all here to save it for future reference. The debate was also aired live on CSPAN here so I’m getting a double dose of it.

  12. Cool! Fast forward past all the gaudy intro junk — go straight to Denish’s opening statement and that’s when things really start to heat up.
    I don’t think Hitchens hits him hard enough or regularly enough. Dinesh is obviously out for atheist blood and Hitchens, because he’s so keen, thinks everyone sees through the wide holes in Denish’s arguments… while I doubt they really do.
    Hitchens needs to be more blunt and elementary and spell it all out a bit more than he does and defend against the lies Dinesh is selling as presumptive fact.

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