Dr. Phil has always been a boor and a bore and he’s proven it again in
his relentless pursuit of poor Britney Spears when she was recently
hospitalized.  We are glad Britney fought back against his impervious need to huck celebrity pain.

Phil is a bully.  If you watched the first season of his talkshow you
could see he lived to humiliate his guests with insults and shouting.

enough, the guests learned how to defeat Dr. Phil’s cruelty:  Agree
with him.  His guests became pillows against his verbal abuse and that
left Dr. Phil with no easy way out of his verbal harassment.

Dr. Phil had to become “Dr. Phil-good” in order to save his show — and
the happy and peppy Dr. Phil isn’t being accepted as genuine by the
American public.

We ask Dr. Phil to back off Britney and to let
her seek the professional healthcare she needs in private and not in
the public spotlight of a nationally syndicated cage fight talkshow.

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