The Backstabbed and the Hated: Removing Janelle from Big Brother 14

I have been a paid live feed watcher of the CBS television show Big Brother since the first season.  Every year, the show gets less interesting with horribly boring and psychotic contestants.  Every year I keep coming back to the show hoping for a return to season one greatness, but it has yet to happen.  This year, Season 14, is no different — and in an effort to save the show in the shards of ABC’s The Glass House defections of former Big Brother producers — Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner panicked and created a silly “Coach’s Twist” that brought back former players to coach new players, only to have the coaches actually become players in the game last week so they could go against their former team members for a $500,000.00 grand prize.

The saddest, and most depressing part of Big Brother 14, happened last night with the removal of perennial Big Brother America’s Favorite Janelle — she’s on the right in the image below — from the game.

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Glee? Karaoke!

I have done my best to avoid the television show “Glee” because I wasn’t interested in anything high school or Madonna or Britney.

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When Mean Girls Cry

Meet Britney.  She’s a Mean Girl.  This Mean Girl currently lives in the Big Brother 12 house.  She’s crying because the house doesn’t like her Mean Girl ways and the other houseguests nominated her for eviction along with her best friend, Monet, The Only Other Mean Girl on the show.

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Dr. Phil Bothers Britney

Dr. Phil has always been a boor and a bore and he’s proven it again in
his relentless pursuit of poor Britney Spears when she was recently
hospitalized.  We are glad Britney fought back against his impervious need to huck celebrity pain.

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Britney Spears Impregnates Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears — the most unfortunate example of the stereotypical, rural, White-Trash-Baby-Mama — has gone and done did the “Oops!” unthinkable again: She got her sister pregnant.

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