When people make mistakes, there is a certain art in “making it up” to those that were wronged.

The easiest way to do this is to “shove something their way” like a gift or money or something else that will not just make them whole again, but add a special pizzazz to the experience that makes forgiveness in the face of an oversight easier to take.

The problem with “making it up to you” is that people under 40 do not comprehend the concept.  They believe a simple “Oopsy!” is enough of an emollient to sooth the hurt feelings and the betrayal.

How can you get the under 40 crowd to learn how to shove?  You can’t.  They don’t have it in them because they were raised in a generation where they are precious and can do no wrong.

The hard lesson is you cannot push a shove because it cannot be taught or requested: A shove must be a part of the person from the start and that is why “making it up to you” is a dying art.


  1. Hi David,
    �To err is human� and I think it is part of life.
    If someone really wants to say sorry � their action will prove it � bribing is not an option I guess.

  2. I’m not sure if sorry is enough in today’s business world, Katha, because talk is cheap and it doesn’t make one whole when the terms of a contract are broken. There needs to be that something extra added to enhance the value of the apology in order to make it work in the living world beyond the four corners of the agreement.

  3. I agree David.
    A “business” is also a relationaship – one can’t run a business alone.
    If a contract is broken and someone faces a loss because of it – there has to be something extra to make it work.

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