When you work as a freelance writer, getting paid on time is always a big problem because companies see you as they see themselves:  A monolithic monetary monster where paper replaces actual money in the bank.

How can the freelancer get the corporation mentality to understand the need to make rent and meet the payroll?  The answer is:  It cannot be done.  Contractual payment deadlines are only enforceable one way:  On the freelancer when deadlines must be met.

You cannot make an entity understand emotion or deadlines — except when you are on the cutting end of both when it comes to handing in work for a pauper’s price.

The power dyad between producer and creator will never be fairly subsumed — except when the consumer’s insatiable desire for the product forces the producer to fairly treat the creator.

Unless and until that craving for content becomes the norm — the freelance creative force will always fall fallow to the whimsy and dismay of a punishing, corporate, mindset.

The only defense against the want for rent is easy access to credit cards and, if you’re lucky, the safety net of a Money Market savings account.  Pleading the poorhouse only gets you more heartache and dismay as you are newly viewed as vulnerable and spastic.

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