Amazon has a winner in the Kindle e-book
and that kind of success demands imitators who want to make money off
the Kindle brand by creating source websites or fan pages by using some
form of a Kindle-ized URL.  Amazon is forced by these
pretend fans to fight them in legal letters and in a court of law, if
necessary, because to use the Kindle trademark without explicit
permission from Amazon is to infringe upon the innate rights of Amazon.

doesn’t matter if one is celebrating the Kindle or not, no one may use
Amazon’s brand or intellectual property or the physical manifestations
thereof for their own claimed private use on the public web. Intention
does not matter. Usage matters.

We applaud Amazon’s
rightful need to protect their time and investment in the Kindle brand
and even if small website owners — or domain stealers — complain and
cry on their websites and in their blogs about Big Bad Amazon, we can
only try to pity them for their transparent attempt to slide along for
the ride on the bare back of the Kindle wave.