Eliot Spitzer — Client Nine — is now forever known as “The Empire State Governor John” — after getting caught up in an FBI/IRS sex ring sting where it was discovered he appeared to be cheating on the wishes of his wife while smashing the dreams of his three daughters and vetoing voter faith by simply seeking sexual release with a call girl.


Orgasming wasn’t cheap.
The “lesser” hookers were paid a thousand dollars an hour.
Better prostitutes cost three times that amount.

Plus expenses and travel time.

Is it a proper public punishment that Elliot Spitzer be forced from office because of his private sexual peccadilloes?

believe Spitzer crafted his own downfall because he ran as the “law and
order governor” and if you run a sanctimonious campaign that attacks
the morality of your political opponents, you then invite scrutiny in
every part of your life — and that includes your bedroom and where
your penis can be found 24 hours a day.

Spitzer’s political opponents are dancing on his grave today — I am
more reserved in that his punishment will never fit the alleged crime
— but when the morality wolves are clawing at the door of one of their
own, the only satisfactory end is the lapping up after the bloodshed.


  1. Bad craziness in New York State. Run a campaign on a moral high horse only to have the horses legs cut off when your own immorality is exposed.
    Even worse, this article shows a long history of bad behavior before this latest joke.

  2. Gordon —
    He certainly invited this sort of scandal. He was ridiculous to even think about cheating — because at least one person you cannot control knows the truth about the real you. That is dangerous stuff. He crime was being careless across his life.
    Spitzer definitely has few friends. The State Trooper fiasco has been bleeding him for the past year and is a much more “impeachable” offense than his sex scandal — but the Trooper story was good for the GOP because they could bleed him long-term.
    The said part is the budget is due in 2 weeks — that means it’s going to be a horrible fight.
    Our salvation may be in Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson if and when he takes over as governor. He’s Black. He’s legally Blind. He’s a necessary heartfelt step up in a wonderful direction.

  3. arin —
    I wondered the same thing. Who’d buy one of those t-shirts and wear one? A GOP sympathizer? An FBI supporter?
    Is there really a need demanding that shirt?

  4. I don’t think this is going to be all about being conservative. I think more people might just enjoy the irony of a person who touted the importance of high morals while not living them himself. Or perhaps people that just like to make fun of anyone and everyone?

  5. Gordon —
    Yes, April First is coming soon — that’s the perfect shirt for that day, I guess.
    I’m tiring of the whole sexual punishment schemes — it proves in our political system that sex is a greater moral break than malfeasance in office… it makes one yearn for an affair at the top level of the federal system…

  6. Have been watching this on the news today …..
    The higher you are the harder the fall – what a hypocrite !

  7. He is a hypocrite — the worst kind, because his actions directly wound his immediate family in the public square of human opinion — and the fact that his wife has to stand there with him makes your skin crawl.
    He did some great things — he went after big business and made them pay for their sins against the common man — but it seems his secrets were just as big as his successes and that is never a good thing. He was careless and cruel and he got caught.

  8. Shades of Clinton all over again ……….. but worse because he was an evangelist about *family* values.
    Ironic too that he got caught by one of his own methods of catching people …….. the shell operation!

  9. Nicola!
    Right! Clinton revisited! It is fascinating how democrats are impeached or resign when they get caught in a sexual act while the republicans just slide by after the same entrapment.
    I think Spitzer’s going to have a hard time claiming he didn’t know paying cash to a hooking house was more than likely a non-tax paying situation when he made that “game” his public crusade. He isn’t falling on his own sword — he’s being shafted by his own shaft!

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