I am in favor of iteration, but not reflective iteration, because that is static and dead.

Reflexive iteration, however, is fascinating and necessary.

Saying the same thing in different ways helps get your point across and broadens your thoughts and memes along a wider variety of minds.

One of the first hard lessons in learning a new language is to say a phrase in a slightly different way if you are not able to fully communicate your thought to someone else.

That is a tough lesson for the beginning learner to take because their experience and vocabulary are limited — and so they revert to what they know by rote:  Repeating, repetition, and reflective iteration.

To make learning dynamic, we must accept the challenge of new things and flavor the sharing of the lesson by changing it up, adding to it, and shining multiple ideas on the vision so it may be seen as more than just a light that can only be seen in the dark.

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