JK Rowling — author of the Harry Potter books — is trying to quash
competition and publication of analysis in the form of an encyclopedia
dedicated to divining meaning in the series. Rowling feels Potter belongs to her and not the world. She is wrong.

We argue the Potter phenomenon has become more than its pages in the hand and greater than its volumes in print.

is now part of the cultural meme of the world and Rowling should
encourage more books and articles, not less, to help provide even more
enlightenment to the literacy and the learning of her series fans. Her
duty is to encourage conversation, not stamp it out with legal action.

Rowling cries in court and tries to kill the publication of analytical
Potter books instead of championing the work in the marketplace, she
not only wounds her brand, but she lessens her greatness as an author
in the mistaken and selfish effort to control the minutiae of a culture
of believing she invented, but beautifully, no longer owns.