Tricia Walsh-Smith made a YouTube video accusing her husband, Phil, of a variety of awful things and watching her strange and discomforting “divorce” video renders down the likability of the entire human race a few notches.

For the record, I tangentially know Phil Smith.  He’s a Big Cog in the Shubert Organization on Broadway. 

Phil has always struck me as a fair and kind person and he paid his dues with the Shuberts for a long time before he stepped in to fill the void Bernie Jacobs left behind when he died.

The Shuberts are a careful organization.  They don’t pick losers to lead them. 

To see Phil’s soon-to-be ex-wife harping on him in an Internet video and then revealing private and personal intimacies — that belong only between husband and wife — is not only distasteful, it’s rude and obnoxious and damaging.

I suppose if the law and the righteousness of the human spirit are not on your side, the desperate and the forlorn will lower their will and aesthetic to kick a low-blow — or make a YouTube video that embarrasses them more than their obsessed-upon victim.

If Tricia Walsh-Smith had a shred of human decency left — or even a clinging tendril of self-esteem remaining — she would remove her video, apologize to Phil, and run back under the rock from whence she came.


  1. That is the last thing we want, public display of private emotions…
    Why can’t people be a little graceful?

  2. Hi Katha! You’re certainly right about that — I guess desperate people who are unkind and who do not have grace on their side have to turn dirty to play.

  3. I think there’s been a sea change between generations when it comes to morality and ethics.

  4. Hi David,
    Do you think it is the “generations”?
    I think the immoral and unethical people were there before…may be it was not that widespread.
    “Do we have a choice to solve it or leave it?”…unless it’s happening in our own life?
    Then the choice also depends on us!

  5. Great questions, Katha! The problem may very well be generational. Some believe they are owed a life while others toil in order to earn, not just their lives, but the lives of others in their life. That dyad needs to have effervescent benefits to both parties in order for the relationship to survive. Parasitic relationships are doomed because there is no equal exchange of energies.

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